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An Interview With The Makers Of Gelo - Nidhi And Manbhavan Singh!

By: Gurleen | March 9, 2016

After getting a lot of appreciation for the posters of Gelo, this happy couple is ready to release this super powerful film starring Jaspinder Cheema, Gurjit Singh and Pawan Malhotra in titular roles.


Take a look at the latest poster before I say anything further:


Seen in the picture is the film's power packed performer Jaspinder Cheema. Known previously for her film Ik Kudi Punjab Di opposite Amrinder Gill, Jaspinder is surely going to make a lasting impression with this one.

Here's the second poster:


Well you guys obviously know this artist well enough for me to introduce him. Pawan Malhotra is also a part of Gelo and has a brilliant character could have been done by no one else but him. Seeing the level of his performance in his other projects I am sure that Gelo will add yet another feather to his cap.


When I had the chance to meet the people behind this film, I made a point to sit with them and understand the basic emotion with which Gelo was made. I was happy that I could meet two genuine visionaries who have some good Punjabi cinema in the making. This real life couple, Manbhavan and Nidhi have a very good understanding of the cinematic content which they wish to deliver. From them I could actually sense some meaningful cinema coming our way.


Gelo is their first project as a team and when I say team it means Director Manbhavan Singh and Producer Nidhi M Singh along with the co-producer Surinder Singh Sodhi.


Living in a cute apartment in Mohali, this couple was very pleasant to interact with.

For all you movie buffs out there, here is all you wanted to know about the upcoming Punjabi film Gelo:

What do you mean by Gelo?

Manbhavan answered, "Gelo is basically the short form for Gurmel Kaur."


Ohh..I see now that's a piece of information! So is Gelo Gurmel Kaur's story?

"Actually we read the novel written by Ram Saroop Ji and were thrilled by it's strong content. Immediately we made up our mind to create a film showcasing this concept. These are those stories which should be created for visual viewing specially for the people who love to watch quality films."


"Gelo is the story of a girl who's name is Gurmel Kaur and she belongs to the Malwa belt of Punjab. Her typicalities are the beauty of her character. She has 3 phases of her life in the movie and I must say that Jaspinder did a bombastic job in playing her on screen role."

Why Jaspinder? Why not any other prominent face from the industry?

"Frankly we did approach Mahie Gill for this role but she wasn't available. We needed the farm lands to be in their fully ripened stage during the shoot but Mahie was available much after that time so we had to look for some one else for the character."


"We wanted someone who could live up to the image of a strong Jatti from the Malwa belt. She had to have the Malwai accent and her dialogue delivery had to be very dominating. Overall, Gelo as a character is a very powerful one so the artist had to be someone who could carry the whole film on her shoulders. "


"We needed the thethpuna and Punjabi Jatti da jussa to represent Gurmel Kaur's character and the moment I heard Jaspinder during her audition, I was sure that she was the one for that role."

Don't you think that it's a bit risky for the Punjabi market, a female oriented film and that too with Jaspinder in the lead?

"We believe that the Punjabi audience is very open to good concepts now. Just look at the response people are giving to Ardaas!"

"I believe such movies open up people's mind towards serious cinema than mere comedy and baseless movies. If the film's concept is good and the performances are done aptly then the final product is always appreciated."


"Jaspinder is a very nice performer", said Nidhi, "Good artists always shine on the basis of their talent; take a look at Nawazuddin Siddiqui.He played a minor character in his first film but today he, as an independent artist made Majhi a super success."

How about the film's making? How difficult or easy was the journey of your first ever film?

"Gelo is basically a movie presenting the problems of the farmers living in the Malwa belt of Punjab. Their ways of life, basically ohna de jion de heeley and how they sometimes make wrong decisions and how those decisions affect them is something which is worth watching."


"We had a tough time finding the producers for the film. We met a lot of big names in the entertainment industry to fund this project but everyone came with their set terms and conditions. If it was a Bollywood producer then he had his own starcast and wanted them to be the lead cast, even if they fit into the character or not," quoted Nidhi.


"Ultimately we thought that let's do it our own self and thats where our co-producer Surinder Singh Sodhi came into the picture. Collectively we had a great time shooting and bringing together our individual experiences from the industry as Manbhavan has nearly 15 years of experience in the Punjabi industry and I have been into the Bollywood market since a decade now."

We saw Pawan Malhotra on one of the posters, how was it like working with him?


Manbhavan said, "Pawan Malhotra is a superb human being and a very helpful one. He never threw any starry tantrums at us. He also lost his brother during the shoot but never gave us any problem regarding the dates. Rather even he made us meet many big people from the Mumbai film industry. He is very supportive and has the tendency of going out of the way for others."

Tell me a little about the film's story

"Gelo is a film for the masses. It has all the components of a commercial feature film. It has parallel entertainment and Jaspinder will be seen playing a 20 year old girl who is in her youth and is in love. This part has her real life husband Gurjit Singh playing her love interest."


"The second phase is of the middle aged woman and then is seen as a 60 year old lady who has gone through many hard times in her life. The make up has been done very specific to each character. "

"We have talked about that era when Punjabi youth used to work hard in their fields and also about the transition from that phase to today's time when the youngsters are more inclined towards drugs and flashy lifestyle. Gelo has a lot of shades for the audiences to see."


What is the social message that this film will deliver?

Manbhavan said, "Gelo will leave a lasting impact in the minds of the viewers. It delivers the message of making right decisions in life as it is one's decision that ultimately saves one from miseries."


Who all besides the above mentioned names will be seen in the film?

"We have explored the talent of those people who are actually brilliant performers. One such name is Dilawar Sidhu who is a very well known face in the rural Punjabi market. He belongs to Kot Shamir, Bathinda."

"I have to make a mention of Swarajit Singh Sidhu here who had helped us a lot during the shoot" , added Nidhi, "Ohnane saadey lai poora pind saambhke rkheya. He has been the backbone of this project."


"Overall the actors have performed with all their heart and the freedom of choice and deliverance was something that made them perform with ease. Nidhi or anyone else made sure that there is minimum interference during the shoot."

Does your movie have songs too?

Yes, we have five songs by well known singers such as Richa Sharma, Roop Kumar Rathod, Tarannum, Javed Ali and others.


Manbhavan Singh as a director, how was it like?

"I have assisted well known names in the industry and have a good experience of my own which helped me in creating this film. My DOP, Jatinder Sai Raj was equally helpful and very creative. As a team we have done a couple of projects earlier but together we make a great team. Also, I'd like to mention here that my direction team, the boys who assisted me, were very hardworking."


Do you think it was a good decision being a first time director to home fund this movie?

"I never thought that we have, at any point, felt that we have made a mistake. During the shoot also, we used to sit together and discuss a lot. It is a good concept and the feeling is great which makes us even more positive. We had met 46 producers for funding this film but then thought that why not ourselves, why can't we fund our own project and I think we did the right thing," said Nidhi.


Tell me about the most memorable moment from the shoot

"It was a 32 day schedule and we all had a great time shooting. The pack up was the time which I'll never forget because we were all in tears. Everyone felt so connected that it was difficult to absorb the feeling that we'd not be together after this. Though I am sure that we will be working on many other projects together but you know how it is..."


Ok so now what after this? What other projects are lined up?

"We have another project coming and that is a step ahead in terms of content. Our content is surely going to interest everyone because our's aren't sad films, we make sure that we have some situational comedy in our films and same is the case with Gelo"


Finally, what would you like to say to our Ghaint Punjab readers?

"I'd like to say that this is an initiative by our team to bring in good and watchable movies to our audiences. We seek their support for bringing in more Punjab related content forward through the best of cinematic experience."


Here's when Nidhi went inside to fetch her TV remote and switched on the trailer preview for me. I was pleasantly surprised by Jaspinder's acting and it actually gave me some goose bumps. I am personally looking forward to watching this film.


Gelo is releasing on 20th May and the couple even told me that they got a lot of calls to congratulate them for their catchy poster.

You can get all the updates about Gelo HERE.

By the way I also got to know that day that Manbhavan was an RJ at a private radio channel in Delhi and was commercially known as Love Guru!

I must confess..I was a big fan of that show :-)

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