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Simerjit Singh is Called ‘The Heroine Launcher’ of Pollywood - Here's Why!

By: Harleen Kaur | October 21, 2019

In Pollywood, you will easily find almost a dozen of those who carry the title of ‘Hero Launcher’ with their name. But there is only name in the entire industry, who holds the distinction of being called ‘Heroine Launcher' and that’s S I M E R J I T S I N G H.

That’s because whichever actress stepped into Punjabi cinema via Simerjit went on to rule this arena further on. He has been a lucky charm for almost half a dozen leading actresses of Punjabi cinema.

So here are some of the instances due to which Simerjit Singh got the title of ‘Heroine Launcher.’

1. Chhak Jawana - Jonita Doda

In 2010, this Gurdas Maan starrer movie became a launchpad for the actress and model Jonita Doda. Although the film didn’t fare expected results at the box office but fetched mass recognition for Jonita Doda. After ‘Chhak Jawana,’ Jonita went on to appear in a number of Punjabi movies also with several South Indian films.

2. Daddy Cool Munde Fool - Yuvika Chaudhary

Just like Jonita, Simerjit’s movie became a stepping stone for Yuvika Chaudhary. Yuvika found her way into the Punjabi Cinema through Daddy Cool Munde Fool and ever since then there was no looking back for her. Her journey with Pollywood went on further with movies like ‘Yaaran Da Katchup,’ ‘Yaarana’ and ‘Lakeeran’ and is expected to go even further.

3. Baaz - Pooja Verma

If today Pollywood has Pooja Verma, it ought to be thankful to Simerjit Singh, who brought her to the center stage. Although Pooja was a familiar face for the Punjabi audience even before ‘Baaz. but it was this film that turned out to be the ultimate game-changer for Pooja and her career.

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4. Sargun Mehta - Angrej

The ‘Expression Queen’ was another gift of Simerjit Singh to Pollywood. The career of Sargun Mehta took a giant leap when she appeared in 2015 blockbuster ‘Angrej.’ Sargun’s character, ‘Dhann Kaur’ made her a household name. And we guess, you all how Sargun marched to triumph after this movie.

5. Mar Gaye Oye Loko - Sapna Pabbi

The latest launch of Simerjit Singh talent hunt workshop is Sapna Pabbi. The actress who started her career through a Bollywood movie became part of the Punjabi cine family through ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ last year. And after that, there was no looking back for her. Her recent performance in ‘Ardaas Karaan’ once again proved as to why she was Simerjit’s choice for ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko.’

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