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Don't Be Shy: Dr.Zeus Slams Bollywood For Not Giving Credits, Badshah Comes To The Rescue!

By: Prakriti | October 19, 2019

Bollywood is highly influenced by Punjabi music. Each month, we hear them revamping one of our old tracks and placing it in their new movies. This time it is one of our old favorites 'Don’t Be Shy'.

Recently 'Don’t Be Shy' featured in Ayushmann Khurana's 'Bala'. Released under Sony Music India, the song is being used in the trailer of the film. But surprisingly, the company didn’t give proper credits to the original music producer, that is, Dr.Zeus. This lack of professionalism made Dr. Zeus very furious!

Zeus took to his social media account and questioned not only the producers of the film but also Sony Music and everyone associated with the track. He asked when did they compose this track?

Dr. Zeus asked the makers of the film to "get original".

"Are you guys taking the p**s @sonymusicindia @MaddockFilms @Its_Badshah @SonyMusicUK @SachinJigarLive... When did you compose ''Don''t b shy'' and ''Kangna''. More to the point how dare you guys be riding off ma old hits and f**n them up? Ya need to get original? My lawyers will be in touch?"

In fact, being very clear, he mentioned that they need to be original and his lawyers would contact everyone associated with this move. The original version of Don’t Be Shy was released back in the year 2004. It was produced by Dr. Zeus and performed by a girl band Rouge.

Soon after this tweet, the makers pulled up their socks and gave the credits to him on the new track. But the annoyed fans couldn’t stop abusing and shamming Badshah and others related to the song.

Just after this, we saw another tweet from Dr. Zeus posting about how Badshah picked up his call and addressed the issue unlike others from the team. He also mentioned that giving last-minute credits won’t solve the problem and doesn’t make them correct in any way.

"Big respect to @Its_Badshah for actually having the courtesy of picking up the phone and addressing me about this ''Don''t b shy'' situation.. I no issues with you bro... ya ma fam and always will be. As for @sonymusicindia it''s not bout last min credits! That are still totally wrong!"

Badshah gave his point of view on the same platform and tweeted that he knows about the situation saying that he respects Dr. Zeus as a senior. He further mentioned that he understands Dr. Zeus being angry in this situation.

"I am aware of the situation around ''Don't be shy''. I want to start by saying that I love and respect @drzeusworld paaji immensely and he knows it. He has the right to get angry with me because he's my senior and I've learnt a lot from him. And he is the last person I'd want to go through something like this," Badshah tweeted.

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Badshah said he got on the song, which has been recreated by "my dear friends Sachin Jigar, only after making sure we had the necessary rights".

"But still if there's any misunderstanding, I'll make sure it gets cleared asap. I support Zeus Paaji. Badshah," the rapper added.

Well, this isn’t the first time Bollywood makers are minting money on our old tracks and aren’t giving the original makers their due credit. But let’s see what happens this time.

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