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Charanjit Ahuja's Sunday Afternoon That Changed Satwinder Bugga's Life!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 12, 2021

One bright Sunday afternoon the house telephone of Legend Charanjit Ahuja suddenly rung up. The caller was none other than his studio peon who had called him to inform that a gentleman had come to meet him.

Since it was Sunday Ahuja was at his home looking to spend some quality time with his family. So he initially tried to dodge meeting with that person and instructed his peon to ask that gentleman to visit some other day. However, that gentleman who had introduced himself as Vinod Shayar was adamant on meeting Ahuja.

So eventually Charanjit had to bow down ahead of Vinod Shayar’s adamancy. He then invited Vinod to his home over a cup of tea, where Vinod pitched 30 songs to the music wizard one after the other. Ahuja found nothing unusual in his writings till 30 songs, but his opinion went for a toss when he heard the 31st song.

Charanjit Ahuja immediately made up his mind after hearing the first stanza itself ‘Ishq ni mana rul-pud Jaana, Haye Ishq nimaana rul-pud Jaana.’ He quickly sat down with his harmonium and came up with a fantastic composition by night.

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Next day, co-incidentally Satwinder Bugga and Harbhajan Mann came for a casual visit to Ahuja’s studio. Upon hearing the song, Bugga immediately jumped into elation and requested to put this song into his upcoming album ‘Nachna Tera Bara Kamal.’ But the catch was that the master print of his song had reached Mumbai at Tips’ lab. So Ahuja immediately called up Tips who were then almost ready to send cassette covers for printing.

Nonetheless, Ahuja’s call brought everything to a halt and Tips immediately dispatched the print back to Delhi. Eventually, things went as per Bugga’s wish and Ahuja's plan. The master print was then sent back to Mumbai yet again after making alterations and what followed next was probably a dream come true for Satwinder!

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