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Here’s A Famous Trivia Related To Satinder Sartaaj’s ‘Black Prince'!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 13, 2021

100 years from now, whenever the Punjabi film industry will make the list of its top 100 movies, then it will surely place the movie 'Black Prince' into it.

The 2017 movie was a trilingual story based on the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh and his attempts of regaining his lost throne. Though the movie gathered average results at the box office but also faced serious backlash from the critics due to its slow pace.

It was also the silver screen debut of Satinder Sartaaj who till then was known just for his singing and writing. But 'Black Prince' brought a scintillating actor out of him. Satinder Sartaaj's debut act was pounded with heavy praises from all the corners despite grave criticism of the film.

Apart from Satinder, the movie also had actors like Shabana Azmi, Amanda Root, Ameet Chana and Madhrima Tuli, while Kavi Raaz called the shots from the director's chair. The duo of Satinder Sartaaj and George Kallis contributed the music for the film.

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Nevertheless, some critics even termed it as the next big thing of the Punjabi cinema. So, all in all, it was a package deal for Satinder Sartaaj, who touched yet another pinnacle with this film.

Well, apart from all these things, the movie will also be remembered for one more thing. And that's Satinder Sartaaj's record of being the first turbaned Sikh to walk on the red carpet of Cannes.

The history was made in May 2017, when the 'Black Prince' walked on the auspicious carpets of Cannes proudly wearing his turban. Probably this single event made more news than anything else. But even this historic record couldn't help the fortune of the movie. The movie could neither impress audience nor critics. Eventually, it was only Satinder's performance that stood out.

Well, Sartaaj's diehard fans believe that it just a beginning, more such feathers are yet to come.

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