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Blog: 5 Punjabi Celebs Who Are Actually Dropouts!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 25, 2021

It is often said that the abilities and power of a person cannot be judged on the basis of his educational qualification. And it’s indeed true as the knack of a person can never be defined via a few pieces of papers. But the reality is another way round. Sadly even today, we consider educational qualification as a benchmark to evaluate someone’s character.

Nevertheless, these Punjabi celebs and their success have proved as to how wrong this notion is:-

1. Badshah
The ace rapper once aspired to become an IAS officer. He even got enrolled for Bachelors’ in Civil Engineering, but like all of the above names, he didn’t finish it. He instead took the path of rapping and is now living his dream.

2. Bohemia
David Roger aka Bohemia too didn’t bother much about his grades, when he was in school. The legend said goodbye to his academics as soon he discovered the spark of music within himself. His passion for music was intense that he even left his family when they opposed his decision. During those times, he even slept on studio floors, but probably all this was nothing but a part of destiny’s plan that wanted to polish him well, for his imminent success.

3. Neeru Bajwa
Astonishingly, the first lady superstar of the Punjabi cinema is not even a high school pass out. The queen of million hearts left her schooling to pursue her passion for acting against the wishes of her parents. After that, she came to the city of dreams Mumbai and what followed next, went down into the history of Punjabi cinema, in golden words.

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4. Parmish Verma
Just like many of his counterparts, even ‘Rocky Mental’ didn’t complete his college education. After dropping out of college, he went to Australia in search of better opportunities. But his destiny brought him back to India just after a while because he was destined to be the next social media star for Punjab's youth.

5. Aarsh Benipal
The ‘Gucci Guy’ too couldn’t get along well with the education system. Aarsh dropped out of his college as soon as music came into his life. However he did stay in Australia for a while, but music brought him back to India. And rest as we all know is history.

Any other names on your mind?

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