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Hans Raj Hans & Amar Noori's Film 'Heer Ranjha' - Why Did It Get Shelved?

By: Gurwinder | August 18, 2019

During the 90s era, when most of the Punjabi films were of the action genre, romantic films were rarely made. In fact, at a time when Guggu Gill & Yograj Singh emerged as action stars, there were no lead faces to pull off a romantic role. Post the success of Badla Jatti Da, its makers (including Director Ravinder Ravi) decided to make a film on legendary lovers Heer Ranjha.

Even though Guggu Gill's brother Rupinder Gill was one of the producers, but they knew that Guggu will look very odd in the role of Ranjha. They zeroed on Hans Raj Hans but he was busy with his musical shows abroad. When producers insisted upon him, he rushed back to India after completing his shows. He was finalized for the part of Ranjha and for the role of Heer, Amar Noori was selected.

Muhurat clap was given by Guggu Gill. Ravinder Ravi started the movie with few scenes on both Hans Raj Hans & Amar Noori on the first day of shooting. While he was busy with the film, he got a call from Rupinder Gill from Mumbai who asked him to immediately scrap the film.

The main reason for it was that there were already three Hindi Films being made on the same subject. Sridevi-Anil Kapoor's Heer Ranjha was one of them, and then there was Mehboob Mere Mehboob, which was the launch vehicle of star kids Sujoy Mukherji and Prathibha Sinha. The third one was Ishq Hazir Hai which had rank newcomers in it. It is believed that Preeti Sapru, who was playing Sehti in Hindi film Heer Ranjha had even warned the Punjabi makers beforehand. This sudden decision of scrapping the film didn't go down well with Ravinder Ravi.

Rupinder Gill suggested Ravi make Jatt Jiyona Morh instead. Years later, again when Ravinder Ravi decided to start the Heer Ranjha project with newcomers but got to know that Harbhajan Mann and Neeru Bajwa are already working on a film with the same subject.

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The end result of all the three Hindi films was bad. Heer Ranjha turned out to be one of the biggest disasters of its times, Mehboob Mere Mehboob went without a trace and the third one, Ishq Hazir Hai remained unreleased.

From the fate of these films, it seems that the Punjabi makers took the right decision of shelving their film.

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