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Kaur B's Brother Beaten Up In Melbourne, Singer Says She's Never Been So 'Humiliated' Before!

By: Harleen Kaur | July 17, 2019

Punjabi singer Kaur B and Baani Sandhu, who are currently in Australia for various 'Teeyan' events claim to have been mistreated by a group of people during one of the events. They even organized a media interaction to inform the reporters about this 'humiliating' incident. 

Here's what happened.

Kaur B and Baani Sandhu were performing at an event in Epping, in North Melbourne, when an alleged argument took place between them and a group of attendees. Kaur B alleged that her brother was manhandled and even beaten up by those people. 

During the conference, Kaur B stated, “We are deeply disturbed by the set of events that took place at this meet and greet event. In the last five years of my career, I never experienced such humiliation. I have always tried my best to accommodate the needs of my show organizers but this experience was just outrageous. We were extremely mistreated and my brother who I respect a lot was pushed and beaten up by a group of people, something that is totally unacceptable. Is this how you treat your guests?”

Kaur B further stated that she was targeted by some people with whom her association had not gone too well, a day before. She elaborated that she was expected to be part of a dinner party at a restaurant but because it was a last-minute call, she and team decided to not be part of the event for multiple reasons.

“We didn’t know the scale of the party. We were told it was a simple dinner and a few families wanted to meet us. So we dressed up very casually. But the worst part was the presence of some drunk men and we didn’t feel comfortable to be part of this dinner,” said Kaur B.

The other side of the story

While this is her side of the story, another side denies such allegations. An attendee has claimed that the singer is sharing half-truth of the actual happening during the event. One of the statements even read "Our group also participated in the event to raise some ‘serious’ issues of the music industry – primarily the attitude of the Punjabi singers. We wish them to be humble. But some of them are high-headed with little courtesy to acknowledge their show hosts, organizers or sponsors. We were just raising some valid points before the brother of Kaur B started abusing our members, and it resulted in some unfortunate physical altercations.”

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At the moment, the police are investigating the matter and the CCTV footage will further confirm the reality. It is being assumed that the police were also called at the Epping venue and an investigation is currently underway.

With inputs from SBS Punjabi

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