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Blog: Five Words A Punjabi Just Can't Stay Without!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 10, 2021

Since Punjabis, in general, are lively and energetic creatures; therefore, colloquialism is well within their genes. That’s why most often they are the ones who are forefront in initiating a conversation with a stranger.

Also, they never hold themselves back in expressing their piece of mind, no matter what comes into their way. But amongst 1000s of words they speak throughout the day, there are certain words which are always on the tip of their tongue. These words might come out even when they are asleep:-

1. Chal Rehn Dey – Leave it
Since Punjabis, in general, are quite chilled out folks who take toll of their problems before their problems take toll of them.

So for them, ‘Chal Rehn Dey’ is that magic wand which can solve every significant problem of their life. This is their ultimate fire extinguisher which douses even deadliest of fires.

2. Sirra - Spot on
This single word can do what even thousand of words put together can’t. ‘Sirra’ has everything to do with the eternal existence of Punjabis because this is something which comes out neither from their mind nor from their heart, but from their soul.

So next time whenever you get this compliment from your Punjabi friend, then assume that you have conquered him.

3. Chakk De Phatte – Buck Up
‘Chakk De Phatte’ is just like ‘red bull’ for Punjabis. However, Red Bull might only impact the body or mind, but ‘Chakk De Phatte’ goes straightaway into the soul. In a word, ‘Chakk De Phatte’ is the ultimate key to unlock the powerhouse within a Punjabi.

So next time whenever you have a Punjabi on board for a tough task, then just feed him with ‘Chakk De Phatte’ and relax!

4. Thand Rakh Yaar – Hold it/ Easy
Since adrenaline in a Punjabi body is always on the active mode, therefore they remain on their toes.

Unwanted trouble and excessive anger both can prove fatal therefore they always try to keep themselves calm by keeping those around them in an easy mode because they know, ik vaar gussa aagya fer cheti utarda ni.

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5. Chetiii – Hurry Up
No matter how much other people may remain in ‘Hurry’ but Punjabis are never in a hurry. Wanna know why? It’s simply because they are in ‘Chetii.’

And we guess you guys know pretty well why they always remain in Chetiii? Oh bai kam kum hunde bande nu...

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