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Seerat Rana - Rana Ranbir's Daughter To Mark Her Acting Debut With Ardaas Karaan!

By: Gurwinder | July 4, 2019

Nope, she didn't get the role through nepotism, if that's what you're thinking. Seerat Rana, the teenage daughter of Pollywood's beloved artist Rana Ranbir is ready for her film debut with the much-anticipated film of this year, Ardaas Karaan. Her's, from what we know, is another prime character in the film and from the recent poster shared by the team, we can see her as a Muslim girl. Seems that she's given a god loving role and her character seemingly has a close connection with Rana Jung Bahadur Singh's character. 

Check out the poster:

Rana Ranbir has two children, a girl, and a boy. Seerat is the elder one out of the two. Currently a University student, this 21-year-old artist is gaining in-depth knowledge about theatre, media, films, stage, script writing, and other related subjects. She also has hands-on experience from two radio stations where she was recruited as an intern. 

The screenplay of Ardaas Karaan has been written jointly by Gippy Grewal and Rana Ranbir. While talking to us Gippy had confessed that just like Gurfateh, even Seerat had to go through an audition process. She performed well in the auditions which is why this particular character was bagged by her. 

In one of our interviews with Rana Ranbir, the man had once said that he has affirmed that his children know they're born to Ranbir Singh than Rana Ranbir. He chooses to keep his celebrity status behind his fatherly self as according to him, otherwise, children tend to take things for granted and assume that their father will be at their back for everything they do. 

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He further added that such an attitude hinders a child from putting in efforts thereby hindering creative development. This, in turn, slows the learning process in kids and I don't want this happening for my children. He quoted, "My daughter does look up to me and my advice. We are friends and I make sure that as a father I support her in all her productive decisions and help her in making lesser mistakes. I want her to have learning experiences which can only be possible when you trust your kids when they wish to explore new things in life."

All things said it will surely be interesting to see these celebrity kids contributing to their father’s visionary project which is slated to release on 19th July 2019.

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