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When Muhammad Sadiq Used To Work At A Monthly Salary Of ₹15!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 17, 2021

The life journey of legendary singer Mohammad Sadiq is a perfect example of a famous Chinese saying which goes like “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” An artist who charges lakhs for a performance today once started his journey with a meager ₹ 15. A journey spanning more than six decades has a lot of milestones and has been quite exciting, to say the least. Right from being a humble artist of Ramleela troupe to a politician, Sadiq has come a long way.

In his early years, he had to go through a lot of difficulties. He was born to a financially humble couple - Walayat Ali and Parsinni, who had migrated to Indian Punjab during the era of partition. Muhammad Sadiq was the eldest amongst the six children of his parents.

While growing up, he also used to learn classical music from Ustad Khan Bakar as his parents wanted him to pursue music instead of academics. But unfortunately, this couldn’t go on because his family’s crippling financial condition forced him to drop out of it.

Gauging his responsibility, he then took up a job at a local Ramleela troupe at a monthly salary of ₹ 15. In the troupe, he used to lend his voice for the background score. Young Muhammad Sadiq remained with the troupe for good 6 years and with them, he did shows all over Punjab.

One such performance became a milestone in his journey when he got noticed by the officials of the Public Relations Department of Punjab Government. His performance impressed those officials so much that soon they offered him a job at the Public Relations Department.

Muhammad Sadiq Sahab accepted this offer gladly and became a part of Public Relations Wing as an artist. He climbed the ladder very soon and earned a promotion for his excellent performance. He was given the post of an official in the drama wing.

His stature grew even further when he earned accolades from legendary figures like Sardar Pratap Singh Kairon and Giani Zail Singh. By that time, his name had already become popular in Punjab.

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