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Why Is Garry Sandhu's Return To The UK Such A Big News? Let Us Tell You!

By: Prakriti | June 30, 2019

Punjabi music lovers and Punjabi community are living all across the globe. To cater to these audiences, singers and actors often perform live shows. Getting handsomely paid for such shows, none of them miss a chance to connect with the audience and mint money. There is a humongous amount of Punjabi music lovers situated in Canada and the United Kingdom. Often we hear many artists performing in both these places. But recently the news that “Yeah Baby” singer Garry Sandhu will be performing in Birmingham created quite a buzz in the industry. 

While many wondered what's so special about it, we thought of telling you the reason behind this news being so important!

The story goes back to the year 2011 when the singer was deported from the United Kingdom. Garry first entered the UK in the year 2002. But as per reports he had entered under a different identity. The singer claimed asylum which was refused by the UK Border Agency. He was then placed on immigration bail where he should have reported regularly to the agency. But not following the rules, he instead absconded and no one knew about his whereabouts. UK Border Agency did not know his whereabouts until he received a criminal conviction for obstructing a police officer in January 2008 when he was caught driving without insurance.

The singer was placed back on the immigration bail by UK Border Agency to remove him from the country as he didn’t have documents. But after the emergency travel document had been obtained, the officers visited his address in Hanover Road, Rowley Regis in October 2009 but discovered he had absconded again.

Garry was finally arrested on 27 October 2011 and was detained. Even after being temporarily released in November, his plea was rejected and he got deported from the United Kingdom.

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Now, after 8 years, the man has stepped onto the soil of the same country and there is no doubt about the fact that emotions are on a high. He'll soon be seen performing there. Now that he agrees that the bad days have faded from his memory, we hope that his first ever show in the UK.

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