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Malkit Singh Had A Secret Tactic That Won Him Singing Competitions! - Read To Know

By: Harleen Kaur | May 28, 2021

Generally, an average child first learns to speak then starts singing. However, Malkit Singh was someone who first started singing, and after that, learned to talk. Factually speaking he got the taste of singing right from the age of 4, an age when the other children can hardly speak a sentence with clarity.

This passion became intense with every passing moment, and by the time he reached college; he had become a famous face in his city. During his stint at Khalsa College, he used to be a heartthrob who was immensely popular for his singing. He single-handedly dominated all the inter-university singing competitions throughout his college days when his folk songs used to attract 100s of listeners to the venue.

His popularity brought him under the lens of Doordarshan Officials, who were then looking for a young face. A journey which began from there onwards is going on uncompromisingly till now. Even today his evergreen songs are being used as remixes and title tracks in multi-starrer movies.

However, this is something which we all know. Apart from this, there is an amusing anecdote about him, which will spill out his secret of success. During his college days, he used to adopt a mischievous secret tactic, which kept on fetching titles for him one after the other.

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In a chat show a few years back, he revealed that he used to cater to an entire crowd of his friends at the venue of competition. To leave an impression upon his judges, his friends used to give shout outs of ‘once more’ after his performance or during those final last 10 minutes when judges were about to make judgments.

His friends in the crowd used to make so much noise that the organizers had to eventually bow down ahead of them and bring Malkit back to the stage. And that’s when Malkit used to sing his magnum opus ‘Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha’ which would change the whole atmosphere of the competition. The boys used to give shout outs of ‘ Hoo Hoo’ whereas girl used to follow boys with ‘Haaye Haaye’ in the response of his song.

And we guess there is no rocket science in imagining as to how it used to influence judges and their judgment. Isn’t it a smart move?

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