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Here's How Politics Took Toll On Bhagwant Mann's Personal Life!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 10, 2022

Though as spectators we might perceive a politician’s life as a luxurious walk in the park, in reality, this is far away from the truth. Actually, the life of a politician is all about meetings, meetings, and meetings all the time and that too damn serious ones.

In fact, once you don the hat of a politician, eventually the word ‘personal life’ automatically gets erased from your dictionary. But the fact is we often fall for whatever we see and what we see is a big convoy of cars, huge bungalow, guards with sophisticated weapons and lots of people around chanting Neta Ji, Neta Ji!

However, the life of Bhagwant Mann is an absolute exception to this general perception. The comedian who once used to rule the galaxy of Punjabi cine world has now become a full-time politician. In just 6 years of his political career, Mann has become one of the most prominent voices in the parliament who are looked at with great zeal and expectations whenever it comes to raising people’s issues.

But on hindsight, this 2nd-time member of parliament from Sangrur parliamentary constituency has suffered a lot in his personal life. Back in 2014 when he took the conscious decision of entering into the arena of politics, he was doing handsomely in his professional life. During that time he had lots of movies, stage shows and soaps in his pipeline and was minting handsome amount of money.

Then his life used to be an utterly luxurious one as compared to what it is now. However, all these things went for a toss, when he took the decision of entering into politics! Politics squeezed out his sources of income and he became heavily dependent upon his Member of Parliament’s salary and some income from farming.

Things got even more intense for him around 2015, when he separated from his wife. This came as a major setback for the 45-Year-old Mann who had become a devout politician by then, although this divorce happened on an absolutely good note without any element of bitterness in it. His separation from his wife happened due to his deep engrossment into social life and as a result, it also pushed him far away from his children.

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However one doesn’t get to see even a hint of regret on his face as he believes that whatever happened, it was as per almighty’s wish. Earlier when God wanted him to bring a smile on the faces of people, he did so for more than 2 decades happily and now when God wants him to serve the downtrodden, he is readily up for it.

More power to you Bhagwant Mann!

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