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Here's What Happened To Harish Verma's Movie Announced For Release On 8th February 2019! - Exclusive

By: Prakriti | April 24, 2019

It was last year that Punjabi makers announced the release dates one after the other. In this rush, many announced untitled and unplanned projects, just to book the dates. Only a few of them had a blueprint of their concrete plan. One such movie which was announced by Rhythm Boyz production was with Harish Verma as the lead. The tentative date for releasing the movie was 8th February 2019. This announcement came a few weeks after Golka Bugni Bank Te Batua became a success.

Months have passed and we haven’t heard anything about the movie yet. But after contacting actor Harish Verma, we exclusively got to know the real reason for the delay.

The actor shared, "It was me who was busy in my life because of which we had to delay the movie. I was so busy that I couldn’t take out time for the shoot. When nothing was manageable I had a word with the producers and they willingly shifted the project further. It was a mutual decision that we didn’t want the project to be made in a rush. It is a wonderful storyline which needs time. Making it in any sort of rush would have spoiled the project. The first schedule of the movie is already shot and soon we shall commence the shooting of the second schedule. This movie is really special for me, as this will be one of the biggest projects that I have done to date."

It is great that Harish shared the real picture of his upcoming movie. Also, it is quite understanding of the makers who didn't show any rush to release a half baked project. Seems like they didn’t want to repeat the mistake that they did with Amrinder Gill’s Ashke. The project was released in a manner that it looked half baked. It was a good movie which didn't do as big as was expected from it.

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This untitled movie starring Harish Verma has actress Roopi Gill as his leading lady. The movie is directed by Sukh Sanghera and is penned by Dheeraj Rattan. The movie is a full-fledged romantic drama set up in modern times. Other than this one, Harish is busy promoting his upcoming movie Nadhoo Khan after which he is shooting for his next titled Munda Hi Chaida with Rubina Bajwa. It seems that the coins have flipped for the man since the release of Golak Bugni Bank te Batua.

We hope that the Rhythm Boyz production movie soon gets completed and we get some positive news about it.

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