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Here's Why Amberdeep Said 'No' to Another 'Angrej'

By: Kirat | April 24, 2019

Amberdeep Singh, also known as the ‘Pen Wizard’ of the Punjabi film industry is credited for delivering hit after hit (a few fails too) to the industry. A writer and a creator to the core, who commenced his journey from ‘Jatt and Juliet’ in 2013, Amber has found a special spot in the industry in very little time.

His ‘looking at the world the other way round’ approach definitely carries something mystical in itself and that’s the reason why his story appeals to the viewer’s soul immediately. And probably this ‘Looking at the world the other way round’ approach is that secret ingredient of his success recipe each time. If you would have watched his movies like ‘Laung Laachi’, ‘Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo’, ‘Love Punjab’ and most importantly ‘Angrej’, you would easily understand what we mean by that other way round approach. For Amberdeep, this approach is not just a thought or idea but a mantra for his life, which determines his path.

It was this mantra which pushed him to take a bold call at the time when he was riding high on success after ‘Angrej’. After the success of ‘Angrej,’ his kitty got flooded with offers and the entire industry started looking up to him with great expectations.

However, Amberdeep went on to take a bold step by saying ‘no’ to many of those offers as he did not want to do another ‘Angrej’ but the industry was quite adamant as it wanted another ‘Angrej’ from him. So he went ahead with his own instincts and decided to tread on an off the beat path.

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In the process, he did movies like ‘Love Punjab’, ‘Laung Laachi’ and more. He also took a step further and donned the hat of director in ‘Lahoriye’ for the first time. This time, he came up with a love story in the backdrop of typical Indo-Pak politics. The attempt of bringing out a new perspective in this genre of Indo-Pak love stories by Amberdeep was lauded even more than his previous movies and his determination of making more such experiments got even more firm with ‘Lahoriye’.

So Amberdeep fans can expect more surprises from him. Bold choices, eh!

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