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Blog: 5 Ugly Brawls Of Punjabi Industry That Were Way Too Distasteful!

By: Prakriti | April 21, 2019

Friends have often turned foes in the glamour world. We have witnessed many such stances where the best of friends have later splattered hate over each other, that too publically. Often these brawls flare up and without many realizations turn into the headlines of leading news channels.

Today we will talk about such ugly brawls that were simply distasteful and hogged the limelight for quite a long time.

Here is our list of top 5 ugly brawls from our Punjabi industry that became the talk of the town:

Badshah and Honey Singh: Once upon a time they were best friends and today they are on different paths altogether. But friends who turn foes are often the most disgraceful fighters. Badshah and Honey were together for a long time but soon Badshah realized that Honey was using him. While Badshah penned all the songs, Honey sang them on the show without his consent. In the growing market of Punjabi singers, Badshah soon parted ways with Honey and didn’t speak about the fight at all. But when Honey’s graph went down, he started speaking ill of his old friend. Honey’s Nano comment was proof that he couldn’t see people comparing Badshah to him. This one was one of the most talked about fights in Punjabi industry. The split between the two was the talk of town for years but when neither Honey nor Badshah entertained these questions, the media houses stopped publicizing it.

Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla: Each one of them was quite vocal about their animosity. The two singers gave it to each other with their songs. While the audience enjoyed the fickle replies given out by each of them, there were few who relentlessly posted hate comments on their social media handles. Often fans would ask Sidhu about his tracks especially when they saw Karan releasing tracks one after the another.

Love Punjab Team and Ardaas Team: It all happened in the year 2016. This clash proved that the growing Punjabi film industry was just not ready for two big movies on the same Friday. The trailers of both the movies got a humungous response and the teams used every possible way to promote their own movie. While the clash would have been averted through mutual talks, this didn’t happen due to the inflated ego of both sides. An ugly war started over social media where fans shammed the other side. The pages of the artists were removed and a lot more happened until the release of the movie. Both the teams suffered on the footfall. Though they made it big at the box office but these figures could have been bigger and better which could create benchmarks if the clash would have been avoided.

Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill: Recently, both these Punjabi models had the dirtiest array of replies on social media. Thanks to Facebook Live, the brawl went on to another level. It all started when Shehnaz Gill made fun of Himanshi’s song ‘I Like It’. The model from her official snapchat account posted a clip in which she said that she didn’t like Himanshi’s ‘I Like It’ song at all. These comments didn’t go down well with Himanshi who took to Facebook and clarified a lot about Shehnaz. Shehnaz who found herself in trouble gave her side of the story and this continued for long. While many from the industry enjoyed this fight, few took a stand for the right one. This was anyways one of the ugliest spats in the open.

Kavita Kaushik and Binnu Dhillon : The series of comments started for the two co-actors when Kavita Kaushik made the first move and said that she wouldn’t want to work with Binnu Dhillon again. This comment to a leading daily spread like fire in no time. Binnu Dhillon tried to conceal the fight with his 'i don't know anything' comments but soon enough he spoke that everyone reads the script before signing and no one is forced to sign one. Some also said that the reason why Kavita gave such a comment was because she got replaced from an upcoming movie. But who knows the real reason behind such ugly words.

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We hope that the artists become more mature and stop such acts of pulling each other down. Sometimes things just go out of hand.

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