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When Shiv Kumar Batalvi Wrote An Entire Ghazal With A Piece Of Coal!

By: Harloveen | April 21, 2019

There is something in every genius which makes him different from others and that one thing is his brain. A thing which is common in about every genius’ brain is its relentless functioning. A genius person's brain never stops working and keeps on weaving different sorts of thoughts and ideas round the clock.

It doesn't matter whether it is 3 AM in the morning or a sleepy afternoon; their mind keeps telling them something even when they are asleep. Well, that's when the magic happens. Likewise, there is a similar anecdote famous about legendary poet Shiv Kumar Batalvi, who once wrote an entire Ghazal with a piece of coal and that too on a wall.

The moment went down in history when Late Shiv Kumar Batalvi was traveling in an auto rickshaw in Chandigarh with one of his companions. All of sudden he ordered the rickshaw driver to stop. When rickshaw driver stopped, he immediately asked for a pen and a piece from his companion. When his companion failed to produce a pen and paper, he immediately turned to the rickshaw driver with the same question. The helpless rickshaw driver shook his head in denial gesturing even he doesn't have what his passenger wanted from him.

Suddenly, the late poet stepped out of the rickshaw and started looking for something on the road in the dark. Soon, he found a piece of coal lying somewhere on the road. He immediately took that piece of coal in his hand and started writing something on the wall with that piece of coal. He kept on writing for a while and when he finished writing, he asked his companion to come to that same place next morning and copy that transcript written on the wall.

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Batalvi's amused companion didn't ask any further question from him and gave his nod. He noticed that his friend was probably lost in some thoughts, so he left him on his own. Next day when Batalvi's companion went back to the same place to note down that transcript, he was literally taken aback. Last night what Batalvi has written on that wall was actually a ghazal. That was the thought that made him stop that rickshaw in the middle of the night. And later on, that same Ghazal became one of his finest piece of work.

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