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Not Many Know Of Jimmy Sheirgill's Horrifying Injury That Changed Him Forever!

By: Prakriti | April 16, 2019

Actor Jimmy Sheirgill is one of those few actors who has done his bit for his Punjabi roots. The man who had already made a strong place for himself in Bollywood decided to get back to Punjab Cinema and lift it up. It was his movies that created interest of the audience in Punjabi Cinema yet again. Not only us but actors like Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal also second the thought that Jimmy Sheirgill was the one who paved a path for them in the industry.

This man opted for selected movies in Bollywood, yet his roles had a deep impact. Jimmy stole the limelight even with his cameos. But did you know that this effortless actor had suffered a major injury in the year 2011- 2012 after which he became very health conscious?

If not, then here, let us tell you about it.

It was somewhere between 2011- 2012 when Jimmy Sheirgill suffered a serious injury in his spine and neck. This injury forced the actor to complete bed rest for a very long time. It was because of the same injury that Jimmy was out of action for a long time. In an earlier interview, he had revealed that it was this phase of his life which made him understand the importance of the age-old saying Health is Wealth. Giving ample credit to his wife Priyanka Puri, Jimmy said that she was the reason for his recovery.

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Jimmy and Navaniat's movie Rangeelay also got delayed due to this very reason. IT finally released in the year 2013 but couldn't do wonders at the box office. Probably because by then, the audience was saturated by the rush of comedy movies at the box office. But after this phase, there was surely no looking back for Jimmy Sheirgill. He delivered one after other great movies in the Punjabi film industry. Having one foot in Bollywood and one foot here, this man surely managed to balance well.

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