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Not Many Know Why Kulwinder Billa Once Attempted Suicide

By: Harleen Kaur | April 8, 2021

The world of glamour is often termed as cruel and dark. But this aspect of glamour world surfaces quite rare as most of the things get covered under the glitter and shine. As an outsider, we usually fail to gauge the despair and desolation behind the smiling faces of these stars. Kulwinder Billa’s story is a classic example of this. Kulwinder Billa rose to fame in 2010-11 with his trademark track ‘Kaale Rang Da Yaar’ and his popularity was on at an all-time high during that period.

kulwinder billa suicide

Expectations from him were sky high after delivering a chartbuster in his debut album. But somehow after a brief period, Kulwinder started losing his spark and he was constantly failing to meet his own expectations. Though everything looked fine superficially all was not well with this young singing sensation.

All of a sudden, a piece of news took everyone by shock when people came to know that Kulwinder had attempted suicide! None of his fans could understand the exact reason behind this and it remained a mystery for a long time until an interview of Kulwinder surfaced in the media, in which he talked extensively about this incident.

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As per Kulwinder, when he rose to fame he was contracted by a company for 5 years. Since everything was pretty new for him, he kept on going ahead with his instincts and in that process, some of his decisions went terribly wrong. One such decision was signing a contract with this particular music company.

The company took undue advantage of Billa's innocent behavior and put in some unethical terms into the contract. Things went well for the first two years but after that things started deteriorating. The company started imposing some unfair restrictions upon him which were causing serious financial damage to him. He even lost an opportunity of being a part of Honey Singh’s hit album ‘International Villager’ due to the stubbornness of his managing company.

When he threatened to snap ties with them, he was further harassed with legal notices and threats. In the midst of all this frustration, he decided to end his life but with the grace of God he survived. He then walked out of the abusive contract and bounced back with hits like Time Table, Kohinoor and Mere Yaar. The success of these songs brought back the ‘Vintage Kulwinder Billa’. A new Kulwinder Billa who was now more fierce than ever before!

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