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Kamal Khangura Talks About Her Recent Film's Failure And Reveals Why Models Don't Bag Good Films!

By: Prakriti | February 9, 2019

Talking about Punjabi models, Kamal Khangura is a famous name. The model turned actress has been in the industry for a long time. She has impressed the industry with her skills in the past and recently with the movie Titanic. Directed by Ravi Punj, Titanic was the last movie of the year 2018. A decent attempt, Titanic had Punjabi model Kamal Khangura in the lead role.

Kamal Khangura has done an array of Punjabi songs but what is the reason for her doing a film so late? Why aren’t the producers interested in casing Punjab based models in their films? To know the situation of Punjabi models, we contacted Kamal and asked her about the same.

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Talking to Ghaint Punjab exclusively Kamal shared, "The harsh reality of the industry is that not many movies are offered to Punjabi models and those that reach us are not worth doing. Even I had been offered few movies in the past but after reading the script, I turned down the offer because I didn’t find them challenging or even interesting. The sad part is that makers always want to pick up new faces from Mumbai. Those new faces which don’t even know how to speak Punjabi and aren't even acquainted with the Punjabi audience. I fail to understand this mentality as well as the reason why this is happening in our industry since long."

"I would also like to mention that the thinking of some people in the industry has changed over the last couple of months. There are experimental makers who are coming and giving us opportunities. Hope this continues and models also get a chance to show their talent on the big screen," she added.

Despite Titanic being a decent attempt, your movie bombed at the box office. What do you have to say about that?

"I feel bad that a script like Titanic failed at the box office. The script had the potential to do extremely well but things went haywire. Poor treatment was given to the script, there were technical glitches and the result was way below expectations. Also, the clash with another Punjabi movie at the box office and having less shows in the theater were other important reasons for the film's failure. Hope the makers and everyone related to the project learns from the mistakes. With experiences like these we grow and give out better movies in the future," Kamal concluded.

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Kamal seems to have a positive outlook and it is great that actors like her accept failure and learn from their mistakes. Wishing her all the best, we hope to see Kamal Khangura in more movies.

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