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Punjabi Model Swaalina Opens Up About Her Relationship Status With 'Prada' Singer Jass Manak!

By: Amrinder Singh | February 10, 2019

A lot of times we come across people who make a great onscreen couple, one of them being Shahrukh and Kajol of course but they aren't a real-life couple and we all know that pretty well. But yes, it is a fact that both of them compliment each other on screen and seeing them romancing onscreen gives us butterflies in the tummy. 

So, this year, a similar thing happened in the Punjabi industry. A song got released and smashed all records and for that new singer, things suddenly changed. From a boy next door, he suddenly became an over night star. Yes, I am talking about Jass Manak and his song 'Prada' that ruled the charts for the longest time possible and is also one of the most heard Punjabi songs globally. The song did prove to be a life changer for the singer and also for the girl who featured in it. While some thought she looked a lot like Nargis Fakhri, we thought she was an international tadka to our desi music industry. 

Swaalina, the girl with Indian roots, was brought up in Finland and is currently enjoying all the attention she's getting from P-town. After featuring in songs like Prada, Billian Billian, Perfect and Suit Punjabi, this Finnish model is now eyeing at the Punjabi film industry. 

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In an exclusive chit chat with Ghaintpunjab, the gorgeous beauty Swaalina opened up about her relationship status with Jass Manak, her forthcoming projects, her inclination towards Punjabi entertainment industry and a lot more. Hey, can she even understand Punjabi?? Read to know all this and a lot more:

Our first and foremost question, are you and Jass Manak dating??

Oh! I come across this particular question a lot of times whether I and Jass Manak are a couple and probably that's because we look good onscreen together and that's how people have seen us in Prada and Suit Punjabi. So, there are assumptions about us being a couple and that's a great thing because that shows that we've been able to pull that off very well but no, we're not a couple. We do have a very good onscreen chemistry so people automatically start thinking that way. Honestly, there are not many real couples in songs it's just their onscreen chemistry that is liked by people and I also keep getting a lot of messages that you and Jass look great together and we want to see you in more videos together, so that, in a way, is a very positive feeling and proves as a feel-good factor for me.

How did you bag Prada?

I have always been fascinated by the Punjabi industry and watch a lot of Punjabi films. So, let us put it across this way that the universe conspired in getting me to it. I randomly got a call one day from one of the team members behind this song and they asked me if I was interested in featuring as a model for this Punjabi song. I obviously asked who the singer was and they said that he was a new guy. I was a little hesitant but after I heard the song, I was in for it because the song made me feel nice and that's when I got back to them and gave a green signal. Sounds easy right? It actually was.

So did you actually understand the song or was it just the music that won over you?

That's another thing that I keep getting asked all the time. People send me messages that we're sure you were clueless what the guy was singing but no, that is not true. I do understand Punjabi and that too pretty well. As a matter of fact, I can even speak in Punjabi. Probably, they get deceived by my looks.

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What fascinated you about the Punjabi industry?

I think Punjabis are very close to their roots. I watch a lot of Diljit films as I am a big fan of his and the good part is that the films can be watched by the entire family. Punjabi films are traditional and bring the family together, which in itself is something not every cinematic presentation is capable of doing. So, that's what I love about this industry. They love their traditions and value their culture and I would love to be a part of such an industry. Actually, anyone would. 

What's next on the cards?

I've just done a song with Sharry Maan and it's called 3 Fire. I am sure people will love it because it is a beautiful song and fun to watch. I am pretty excited about it and also, besides songs I am looking at Punjabi films as well so it's going to be an exciting journey for me because I've loved every bit of what I've done so far.

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