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Here's The Reason Why Singga Calls Himself So And Guess Who Is His Idol!

By: Sachin | January 3, 2019

Singga, a name which has managed to carve a distinct place in people’s heart and the Punjabi singing industry has already been a part of controversies and if you ever come across him or manage to have a telephonic chat with him, he starts off with his pet dialogue, “Singga bolda veere”.

For all those who are keen to know how Manpreet Singh became Singga, then here's the story. 

The prime reason behind his name is the struggle he went through in the process of becoming a successful artist. The man had tried many other names before but it was Singga that became a commercially hit name. Ask him what he thinks about struggle, and he might answer “Badaam khaan nal ta pimple aande aa, akal ta dhkke khaan nal hi aandi”, which is certainly true and those who have been through tough days, know exactly what the man means.

Singga has been through a lot himself but one memory that he shared in a recent interview, gave us giggles. He recalled the time when he used to go to his Guru (Sukhdev) at a nearby village for his music rehearsals. Often he ended up going home at 2 AM in the morning and was told by his parents that someone would throw him in the river, he said with a smile on his face. Another one that showed how double-faced people are, was when once, he had to stop over at his relative's place due to a punctured tire. But interestingly, on his way back home in the morning, his relatives complained to his parents saying, send your son to practice with a bunch of tyres. Incidents like these make a person strong, he confessed.

Wanna know who inspires Singga the most in his life?

The answer is, his father. Singga's father is a lyricist himself. By getting inspiration from his father, he used to write songs and poems and he also humbly submits that whatever he has learnt till date is because of his father.


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