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Here Are The Top 6 Most Disappointing Punjabi Movies Of 2018

By: Prakriti | December 26, 2018

We must not judge a book by its cover and the same goes for a movie. Many a time we make assumptions about a film by its trailer and mostly the trailers are deceptive. Being in a field like this we can’t enjoy the option of not watching the bad ones. But as the year 2018 approaches its end, we have a list of movies that were good in no way. These movies disappointed us at many levels.

Of course, many of you would point out movies which most of us wouldn’t have heard of but this list isn’t about those. Here we list movies which were popular, the audience had high expectations, but they failed to deliver what was expected from them.

List of Top 6 Most Disappointing Punjabi Movies Of 2018:

Aate Di Chidi: A movie which had all the elements to make it a good one, fell flat. Aate di Chidi surely gave us a déjà vu feel of Love Punjab but wasn’t anywhere close to it. Having Neeru Bajwa, Amrit Maan, Sardar Sohi, Nisha Bano and many talented actors, this one lacked majorly on a concrete story line. The makers attempted to target those heartbroken NRIs who have either spent their life doing stressful jobs in foreign countries or have been deceived by their own children. If the clutter in the movie wasn’t enough, the makers showed Punjab in a bad light, which was a major turn off. Harry Bhatti’s Atte Di Chidi was quite a disappointment this year.

Harjeeta : This movie was based on the life of world cup champion Hockey Player Harjeet Singh Tulli. Directed  by Vijay Kumar Arora and written by Jagdeep Sidhu this movie didn’t serve the purpose of a biopic. The movie revolved majorly around Harjeet's love story than the sweat and toil he had put in getting to his present position. This movie yet again had great performers. Ammy Virk delivered less than his caliber though his hard work on his physique was seen but his aggression as a player was missing. Though the audience expected many high points in the film that could give them an adrenaline rush but not even a single scene had that strength in it. The movie could have been carved well and presented as a sports biopic rather than a failed love story.

Mar Gaye Oye Loko : Delivering one comedy after the other, this hit team also committed a mistake in 2018. Mar Gaye Oye Loko though minted a lot at the box office but the content in the movie was a bad cake. If you aren’t in a mood to laugh on silly jokes, you’d walk out of the theatre in the first hour itself. Great comedians but bad storyline made it a commotion. Directed by Simerjit Singh, penned by Gippy Grewal, the movie was quite a miss this year. Many had expected it to be the ultimate dose of laughter with the ghostly twist but nothing seemed to fit right in the expectation jar. The movie disappointed many and left them dilemmatic about the visionary of this film.

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Afsar: This movie came from the makers who have been giving good content to the Punjabi industry. Afsar marked the entry of Nimrat Khaira as the lead actress in Punjabi film industry. The trailer of the movie gave us a hint about what it holds as a package but we had to watch to witness what it delivered. Known faces, commercial songs and comedians is what the movie had but the simply messed up with the storyline. Directed by Gulshan Singh and penned by Jass Grewal, Afsar was a project which we had high hopes from, but only till we had not seen the trailer. They misused the talent in the movie and tortured us with slap stick comedy all through. Seemed like it was a desperate attempt to jump into the same comic league as the ongoing successes of the production house.

Nankana: Directed by Manjeet Maan and written by Pooja Gujral, Nankana was nothing as compared to what we had thought. The name didn’t suit the storyline and sadly, it looked like a strategy to attract the audience. The movie had Gurdas Maan and Kavita Kaushik in lead roles. It was the story of a father and son but nothing in the movie moved us and we kept wondering why such a disaster. The film had a cringy first half because the shots were blurry, the second half couldn’t bind the elements together and we were quite disappointed when we walked out. Watching Gurdas Maan on screen was a pleasure but such crooked storyline destroyed our zeal in the first half itself.

Bhajjo Veero Ve : We were hugely disappointed by this major blunder. We surely had high expectations from this one as the actors, makers, writer and the director of the movie have delivered good movies before as a team. Bhajjo Veero Ve was a major miss in many aspects. The storyline was vague, the actors under performed over too at times) and we don’t know what was going on in the second half. The movie was released a day late, but who knew that we would walk so disappointed after watching it. Earlier known as Car Reebna Wali, Bhajjo Veero Ve was anticipated by the audience but all their expectations fell flat on the face.

These were those six movies which disappointed us big time in 2018. They had it all, good actors, good directors but something went wrong and they ended up in our bad bucket.

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