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Not Many Know That Alfaaz Actually Holds A Fashion Designing Degree!

By: Shreya Narang | December 5, 2018

We’re sure you remember the first slow romantic-rap song by Honey Singh and newbie Alfaaz back in 2011- Haye Mera Dil. It took the internet by craze and if you’re a 90s kid, you must’ve definitely heard this song in your school bus and every party that you attended for the next whole year.

Unlike most Punjabi singers who found their way out of college when they started their singing careers, Alfaaz- originally named Amanjot Singh Pannu, did not leave his studies. He first completed his undergraduate in Fashion Designing and then decided to pursue business management in masters. In an interview, Alfaaz mentioned that his father always pushed him to complete his studies before he could pursue singing full-time. Since his father is an IFS officer, he always wanted Alfaaz to complete his studies, and the singer is thankful about it.

How did Amanjot Singh Pannu become Alfaaz?

The story behind his name is an interesting one- so there was this English song which said “All I have is words” by Boyzone that he used to listen and this really touched the young Amanjot’s heart, so he decided to name himself ‘Alfaaz’, which is the Urdu word for ‘words’. He started to write when he was just 14 and never found it necessary to write them down since he always remembered them by heart. His friends would ask him to sing one of his songs, and he would remember it completely by heart. By now he has already written 2500+ songs! Shocking, right?

Thanks to technology, when smartphones were launched he started to record some of them to keep a record. Alfaaz was always so excited about the lyrics that he never thought of making it as a mainstream singer but he decided to give it a shot after meeting Honey Singh.

The first time Alfaaz met Honey Singh, he was working as an assistant in the movie- Hashar. His association with Honey Singh completely changed his life. He started working day and night with Honey, and forgot all about his old comfortable ways. Alfaaz’s talent and Honey’s hard-work resulted in what we listen today as - Haye Mera Dil.

As a lyricist, Alfaaz has always been inspired by Sartaj Singh and loves his vocabulary as well as the way he expresses himself. In terms of music, Alfaaz respects Honey Singh the most. He had decided back when Honey Singh’s song ‘Khadke Glassi’ was released that if he ever creates a song- it’ll be with him. After so many years, that dream came true in a studio when Honey Singh and Alfaaz sat to edit the song, turning it into one-of-its-kind sad-rap. The public was amazed to see Alfaaz soon in ‘Mafia Mundeer’- Honey Singh’s own band which initially comprised of Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar, Ikka and Lil’ Golu. After the group broke up in 2012, Honey Singh was smart to change the group by launching Alfaaz and Money Aujla in it.

Safe to say, Alfaaz opted for a better career option for himself by not going ahead in fashion designing. We totally adore Alfaaz’s lyrics and his brotherhood with Honey Singh, and hope to listen to more hits such as ‘Haye mera dil’ or ‘Yaar Bathere’.

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