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Here's What Yo Yo Honey Singh Did Before He Became A National Artist

By: Shreya Narang | November 3, 2018

Honey Singh, the rapper we know for his Bollywood fame, was not a rapper all his life. Yes, you heard it right, your favourite rap-star started off his career in the music industry, not as a singer/rapper but a music producer.

Honey Singh never leaves a chance to tell the public that he is not amazed by his fame and success, he worked hard for it.  Indeed, he did, and in ways, you do not know.

Honey Singh Music Degree

The man must have been really passionate about music, because he went all the way to London to learn it. Don't be shocked if we tell you that he is a music graduate from Trinity College, London. He started working as a music composer, and became a music producer back in 2003. His initial experiences consisted of rejections and criticism but he kept going on because he had always been very secure in his music.

Although he never planned on becoming a rapper, he started doing it after he visited some clubs and realised that Indian clubs played raps by English artists only. He realised the potential of this music, and wanted to create it simply because he wanted people, especially youth, to relate with his music and him as a person.

His on-point observation and analysis of what people will like gives us an idea about how great a business mind he has. No wonder he grossed the highest amount ever paid to a music artist in Bollywood, i.e. Rs. 70 lacs.

Honey Singh has struggled for more than 10 years to be where he is today, what started as his journey to become a music director took him to compose the song ‘peshi’ in 2005 and the rest is simply history.

Peshi by Honey Singh Ft Bill Singh:

initial years of his career, as a music director, he made a lot of popular Punjabi songs, which are not known to the entire nation but were played in every party in North India. The list includes Peshi, Glassy, Gabru and Ru Ba Ru.

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