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Not Many Know The Unheard Story Behind 'Yaar Anmulle'! - Read Inside

By: Harleen Kaur | February 4, 2022

Sharry Mann is known to be one of the cutest singers in the Punjabi Music Industry. He is one of those few singers who have broken all the previous records for an unsigned Punjabi singer on the internet. He gained popularity by releasing his first song ‘Yaar Anmule’ through a YouTube channel.

Let’s have a look at the making of ‘Yaar Anmulle’:

  • Sharry Mann’s College Life:

Since the very beginning, he had a great interest in mimicry and singing but Mann’s professor advised him to pursue singing instead of mimicry. He took this piece of advice quite seriously and started with singing. 

  • Struggle To Enter The Music Industry:

 Sharry Mann faced a lot of trouble in not just establishing his name but also at the economic front. The music industry is quite expensive so he continued trying his luck in singing along with a part time job in Mohali.

  • Initial Rejections:

The journey to the release of this song was not easy at all. It took him a lot of efforts  to establish himself. From rejections by music producers to travelling on the rooftops of bus, Mann faced a lot to gain success.

  • Ideation behind ‘Yaar Anmulle’:
  1. While pursuing his job, Sharry used to reside with his friends as a paying guest in Mohali. His PG friends inspired him a lot.
  2. Yaar Anmulle was written by one of his flatmates Babbu. He had been writing songs for four years.
  3. So, this was where the idea to release an audio version of the song came from. Thus, sung by Sharry Mann and written by Babbu, it was his first studio recorded song.
  4. Sharry Mann's song 'Yaar Anmulle' got a lot of appreciation. It was based on college life and the good times college friends share amongst themselves.
  5. The song has been quite popular not only in Punjab but beyond borders in Australia, US, Canada and UK. Within one week of it's release, the song's vide went viral.
  6. The video features pictures of Sharry Mann along with his friends. It had reached around 200,000 views after being uploaded on YouTube.

Thus, from humble beginnings to being one of the most popular Punjabi singers – Sharry Mann has come a long way.

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