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Oh God! Seems Like We've Even Lost Kavita Kaushik From Punjabi Industry!

By: Prakriti | September 19, 2018

Kavita Kaushik who has been a hit face on TV entered the Punjabi film industry in the year 2017. Audience as well as the critics loved her in her debut movie Vekh Barataan Chaliyan. Her role of a Haryanvi girl opposite Binnu Dhillon was loved by one and all, and soon she signed more films like Nankana and Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan. Both the movies released in the first half of 2018 and with her pace of signing movies, we thought that she was here to stay.

But now, in all the announced films of 2019, one name that has been majorly missing is that of Kavita Kaushik. The super confident actress who even felt pampered in Pollywood has suddenly disappeared and we wonder why. 

We contacted the actress and asked her about her disappearance from the 2019 film scene in Punjab and whether there is something else that's keeping her busy and she said:

"After doing a few Punjabi movies I realized that the industry doesn’t have much to offer. Punjabi makers haven’t been writing strong roles for the female leads. In the movies that I have done, I haven’t had anything meaty or challenging for my character. I want something more exciting now.  I came to Punjabi industry after television but soon I realized that television roles are more substantial  than what is being offered to me in Punjab. It is disappointing but afterall, I can’t be just dancing around and looking pretty. I am an actress and I want to add value to the product by my acting skills."

Have you been getting more Punjabi offers? What kind of movies are you looking for?

I have been getting Punjabi offers but when I read the scripts, I realise that they are all hero centric movies. Hence, I have been refusing  them. This time I would be saying yes to a movie which is no less than a female oriented script. I would only be signing a script which is female oriented.

What keeps you busy?  What are you working on at the moment?

I have quite a few exciting announcements to make soon. Currently, I am working on a web series which is what keeps me pretty occupied these days. The official announcement of the web series would be made in October with more details but I promise you that this character  is something which has extracted my potential fully.

Seems like we have lost another talented actress from Punjabi industry. Female talent drain has been happening in Punjabi industry since long. We have lost talented gems like Mahie Gill, Meher Vij and many more. Kavita is probably the new name that has now added to this list. Hoping that some maker would be reading this and he soon works on a female oriented project before this actress gets busy in bigger and better projects.

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