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Binnu Dhillon Announced 'Kala Shah Kala' For 2018 Release But Here's Why It Got Delayed!

By: Prakriti | March 11, 2018

There have been many movies that were announced last year and it seemed that 2018 will be flooded with movies. We were afraid that there would be clash of dates each Friday! 

But to our disappointment, most of the announced projects are still standing nowhere. Many got delayed and there are also those which have been shrugged off by the producers. One such film that got announced in 2017 was 'Kala Shah Kala'.

After Bailaras, Binnu Dhillon had announced his next home production, the title of which was 'Kala Shah Kala'. Binnu's Naughty Men Productions was to make this film was lined up for a 2018 release. Since we were waiting for an update and still got no news about it, now that it is already March and nothing seems to have been working in this direction, we picked up the phone and dialed Binnu's number to inquire.

We asked him about his project and the reason for it's delay and he said, "We are working on Kala Shah Kala. The movie is still in it's pre-production phase. We are working on a good content oriented script and then we shall work on the rest. This project would go on floor in September 2018.  This movie got delayed due to the reason that I wanted to learn from my past mistakes. Last year, my maiden project as a producer released. Bailaras was a big flop and I am not ashamed to admit that. Neither critics nor the audiences liked it and that's the reason it shattered at the box office. It is a bitter truth but I have learnt from my mistakes. I want to make better movies now which would be entertaining for the audience and profitable for the me as a maker. This is the reason that we are spending major time on the script of the movie. We are talking to few good actresses to play the lead, and those who can fit in the lead role well. We are in no hurry to make and release this movie. The team working for it just wants that everything should be best in 'Kala Shah Kala'."

As this one is yet again his home production, so he was to play the lead role in it and according to sources, they were earlier considering Surveen Chawla for the female lead. But now, as we hear, the project has been bagged by Binnu's 'Vekh Baraataan Chaliyan' co-star Kavita Kaushik.

The movie would be directed by Amarjit Singh and will be an out and out comedy movie. Binnu Dhillon did two movies last year. This year he would be seen in many more such as Carry on Jatta 2, Kala Shah Kala, Vadhaiyaan and Binnu MBA to name a few of those projects that he is currently working on. Year 2018 seems to be merrier for the actor as his Bollywood movie Yamla Pagla Dewana sequel would also release soon.

We are glad that he made a true confession and wish him best of luck for his upcoming projects. We just can’t wait to see him back in action.

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