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Subedar Joginder Singh: Gugu Gill's Look From The Film Will Make You Have A Crush On Him!

By: Gurleen | February 26, 2018

This man just doesn't seem to grow old!

Gugu Gill's look from the much anticipated war biopic Subedar Joginder Singh has hit the internet and we must warn you that this one could rekindle the drooly feelings that his yesteryear female fan following has suppressed in them for all these years. Born as Kulwinder Singh Gill on 14th January 1960, Gugu Gill belongs to the famous Gill family which made a number of super hit Punjabi movie's such as Putt Jattan De, Anakh jattan di, Badla jatti da, Jatt jeona morh, Dil da mamla, Mirza jatt, Vidroh, and more.

Gugu Gill's Character In Subedar Joginder Singh

Gugu Gill will be seen as Maan Singh in the film. Maan Singh was the only person in Subedar Joginder Singh’s life who had seen the latter from the very onset of his career as a recruit in the British Indian Army to the reverential figure (Param Vir Chakra recipient) he became after unabatedly combating thousands of Chinese soldiers during the Sino-Indian war 1962.

Maan Singh and Subedar Joginder Singh had fought many wars together, the most strategic and significant one being the Burma War against the Japanese during World War 2.

The film is all set to release on 6th April 2018 worldwide.

About  the film Subedar Joginder Singh

War for any country is an unfortunate aspect, on one hand it involves high logistical efforts whereas on the other it also inculcates the human sacrifice. Indo China war was one such example where even after lagging logistically, the extraordinary courage and valor of the Indian soldiers gave us immense proud. It was the time when India was a young republic trying to stand on its own feet after years of systematic loot by British and partitioned into two nations. At that moment, China was supposed to be the reliable ally and this trust costed us with a betrayal when on October 20, 1962, India was attacked by China. The saying of “Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai” demolished brutally when China launched a humongous attack from Aksai-Chin to Arunachal Pradesh simultaneously. In response to this sudden and unexpected attack, the brave Indian soldiers carried out their duties as strong retaliation against enemies. Within this situation, Sikh Regiment 1 of the Indian Army was guarding the border of Tawang sector at Tong pen La, IB Ridge, Bum La against numerous Chinese enemies.

Though, the Chinese heavily outnumbered us, Subedar Joginder Singh, the commander of 11th platoon of Delta Company, kept the morale of his men boosted. The Sikh soldiers stood strong against the Chinese attacks. The number of Sikh soldiers being substantially depleted by each wave of enemy attack, having being run out of ammunition, Subedar Joginder Singh, himself being shot in the thigh, didn’t make him and his men leave the battle field and continued killing the enemies. All through this, Subedar Joginder Singh displayed his love for motherland and an unforgettable devotion towards his duty by single handedly killing dozens of Chinese soldiers with Bayonets. For such exemplary and unprecedented display of valor, Indian Government honored him with the country’s highest wartime gallantry award – Param Vir Chakra posthumously.

The biopic of this brave war hero, which is a subject of national importance, happens to be the first ever film on a Param Vir Chakra recipient. It has been picked up by a production house named Seven Colors Motion Pictures. This film has been shot in the scorching heat of Rajasthan, tedious heights of Kashmir and treacherous geography of North East India.

Guggu Gill, is a living legend, most respected and renowned person in the industry. His charisma and screen persona is still unmatched!

Hail Guggu Gill!

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