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Valentine's Day Special: In Case You Wish to Get Inked This Valentine's Day, Here Are A Few Suggestions!

By: Fashionista | February 10, 2018

Valentine's day fever has gripped everyone around and while some are buying gifts for their loved ones, there are others who are rehearsing ways to propose their special someone. Love is in the air and if you are willing to gift something special to your loved one this time then why not get inked!

This is something for a lifetime and why not, but take this risk only if you are sure that he/she will stay till eternity.

Here are a few tattoo ideas if both of you actually decide to get inked:

1. Rings: Ring fingers are an apt place to get a ring tattoo inked before both of you actually decide to exchange the engagement rings. New way of showing that you are committed eh!

2. Remember the D-day with a tattoo: You could be smarter one out and suggest that your wedding date should be inked on the wrist of you both. This way you will never forget your anniversary again. Not making it too obvious, try getting it done in Roman numerals.

3. Feather love: You both could get matching feathers inked on your wrists or your legs, wherever you fancy.

4.You complete me: Couples also get love quotes inked on their torsos, one half of the quote on one partner, and the other half on the other partner, so the quote is complete only when they come together.

5. King and Queen: You can also get the queen of hearts and the king of hearts inked on your shoulders.

6.Other cliched but popular tattoos include an anchor and a wheel, an arrow and a heart, lock and key, soul and mate, two words written on two different people, and some sexy, geometric connecting couple tattoos.

The above mentioned suggestions are only for those people who truly wish to stay with each other for a lifetime because strictly saying, getting a tattoo inked is much less painful than getting one removed via laser!

So please be very careful and yes, choose a tattoo artist wisely and don't threat your life by unhygienic methods and equipment. Make sure you get a new needle placed before the artist pricks into your skin.

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