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Chandigarh To Go Honk Free Soon, Traffic Police To Issue Challans To Violators!

By: Kirat | February 6, 2018

The UT police launched a drive at Kalibari temple in order to make Chandigarh less noisy. The officials distributed stickers at the temple lightpoint and the stickers carried a message 'Make The City Honk Free'.

Police said that after the awareness drive they will start issuing challans for honking near schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutes of the city, in future.

According to the officials, more than one thousand stickers had already been distributed to motorists so as to make them aware about the growing noise pollution. Traffic police even pasted stickers with the 'I Will Not Honk' message on the steering wheels of people's cars. It was done to serve as reminder to the driver that he or she holds a social responsibility and should refrain from pressing the horn button.

SSP traffic, UT police Shashank Anand said that those who wish to join the campaign of the traffic police can go to Children Traffic Park (CTP) and collect the stickers free of cost for themselves, friends and family members, during working hours. Cops said vehicles only related to emergency services like ambulances, fire tenders and police vans, should use their horns or hooters in case of emergencies.

Anand also appealed to the motorists to upload the picture of steering wheels, on which the stickers are being pasted, on twitter by using hashtag #Make-ChandigarhHonkFree.

The hashtags should be used to attract the residents of other cities and to motivate them to come and join the traffic police campaign.

Police also said that time and again it has been brought to their notice that the motorists often honk without any reason. Such irrational behaviour needs to be tamed and they need to accept the fact that honking would not help them get out of the traffic jams they are usually stuck in, cops said. People also honk near hospitals, schools and colleges besides the fact that there already are warning signs placed around these avenues.

They said that they expected the campaign would make people think twice before honking in future. Fine for honking near hospitals, schools and colleges is Rs 1,000, said a traffic cop.

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