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Singer Kambi Rajpuria Deported From Canada, Breaks Down On Social Media

By: Prakriti | January 11, 2018

Punjabi singer Kambi Rajpuria just posted a video on social media in which he was seen sobbing over being deported from Canada. He even narrated his heart warming story and went on to tell his life story, about the time when he went to Canada, nearly 7 years ago.

Kambi went there after 12th to pursue his studies.Not from an affluent family, Kambi managed to reach Canada, even though there was lack of funds needed. On reaching there, he was guided by his peers to drop a year and work for his college fee. During all this, he came across casinos and with the little money he had, he gambled. He initially won but later in lure of money he started losing and every time he went to recover he lost more and more money.

After 4-5 months, he started earning and with a lot of hard work and overtimes, managed to save a little but what he learnt was that hard work was the only key to earn money. Due to insufficient funds, he couldn’t take admission even in his next semester but he lied to his parents back home.

After an year, he managed to get admission in Hotel Management and  all this happened after he worked for double shifts of 40 hours with minimal sleep and saved for his fee. According to him, this overworked routine cost him his health. People judged him by his looks and called him a maniac. Nevertheless he continued working hard and even repaid the amount that his parents had invested in him.

To keep his income flowing, he started singing and writing. Someone suggested that he must record a song and thereafter, using his college fee of 700 dollars, he recorded his first song. .As he was slowly climbing the ladder of success, suddenly life took a u turn and he was without a citizenship in Canada. He was just given 90 days to recover it and it needed a specific amount of money. He asked and begged for money from everywhere but as fate had it, just 5 days before the 90 days period ended, he got to know that due to lawyer’s mistake he couldn’t stay there anymore.

The singer broke down while stating that even after working day and night and finally getting to where he always wanted to, he has now been deported from a land which he now called home.

He even showed that he got his Canadian visa on 10 January 2011 and exactly after 7 years he was deported.

The singer also thanked everyone who have helped him in his difficult times but confessed that he won’t be going home until he becomes something. Emotionally he bid adieu to Canada and promised that he would be famous and would come back to the same country and show the world his perseverance.

Punjabi singers going abroad with heavy loans and working overtime, somehow managing to cope up with their passion, is a story that many narrate but this one touched many hearts and showed the ground reality of singers who are based abroad.

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