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"Romeo Ranjha Taught Me What I Shouldn't Do" : Garry Sandhu Confesses!

By: Prakriti | December 21, 2017

'Ego' singer Garry Sandhu has, off lately, been impressing us with his songs. The lyrics are catchy and the videos are different from the generic lot. Even his recent collaboration with Jasmine Sandlas was liked by majority of music lovers. 

Though Garry is doing pretty well in the Punjabi music industry but why isn’t he seen any where on the film front??

You do remember his acting debut nearly 3 years ago in the Punjabi movie titled 'Romeo Ranjha' right?

We contacted Garry Sandhu and asked him the reason for disappearing from the Punjabi cinema screens and whether it is a planned move. We even inquired about the inspiration behind his music. Here's what he said :

P.S. : This man just doesn't sugarcoat his words.

 Why haven’t we seen you in movies after Romeo Ranjha?

After experiencing Romeo Ranjha, I could make out that the whole idea of being a hero and jumping around is not me. It is a pure lie to myself as well as the audience who assume that the person they see onscreen is the same in real life. The movie taught me what I shouldn’t do.

Do you regret doing a movie like Romeo Ranjha?

To be really honest, I needed money back then and I did that movie for the sake of it.It wasn’t such a planned thing.

But after doing it, I clearly understood that being a commercial hero isn't my thing and my character in Romeo Ranjha isn't something that I want to do in my future projects, if any.

Would you star in a movie again? If yes, then what kind of movie?

I would love to act in a movie, but I don’t want to be a hero as I said earlier. I want to play a real person onscreen. I don’t want to be a superficial hero, I want to be someone who has a story in real life and someone who's experiences are true to life. I don't want to do characters that are merely a fiction created for the camera.

So, you want to star in a biopic? Sports star or a Historian?

I want to play the role of a commoner, could even be a truck driver or a rickshaw-puller. Even they could have a story which should be portrayed onscreen. I don’t want to be someone who is already famous or already known. I want to be someone whose story needs to be narrated.

 Talking about your latest track, did you think that  illegal weapon would be such a hit? How did you think of the uncanny video?

Illegal weapon is a song which was made in just a few hours. I took a few minutes to write the lyrics and my team got the music ready instantly. We were even done with the music video is about a week's time.

The song just happened and we never knew that it would be loved by everyone so much! 

I keep working on different ideas and thinking as to what will gel with the audiences. I strive to deliver unique content and this one's an outcome of my mind too.

The singer has impressed us with his honesty and his outlook towards films. Let's hope that he stays true to his words and picks offers for meaningful roles in future. Till then, keep enjoying his tracks! 

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