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Punjabi Actress Poppy Jabbal Spurts Out The Harsh Reality About Pollywood, Says Film Makers Have A Fixed Formula!

By: Prakriti | February 7, 2018

When Punjabi industry didn’t turn to debutant actress Poppy Jabbal after her first film, Mera Mahi NRI then she decided to change her route. Recently, we noticed that she's got her hands full though we couldnt see her on Punjabi screens after her debut Punjabi film!

The lead actress of Mera Mahi NRI, Poppy Jabbal has a notion about the Punjabi film makers and though it might sound harsh but it is the bitter truth. Her debut film, starring Harrdy Sandhu opposite herself, was a realistic multi- cultural comedy drama that followed the life of a student named Sherry who was a 'freshie'.The story revolved around Sherry and the twists and turns that he goes through to become an NRI ( Non Resident Indian) to please his girlfriend's mother who feels that a boy from Britain is the only suitable match for her daughter. It also took a few humorous sideways look at the false premise that the UK from a rural-Indian point of view is still seen as the place where the streets are paved with gold and that all British Asians have huge sprawling houses, big cars and money that grows on trees. It was set primarily in the UK's second largest city Birmingham.

Though Poppy did a great job in the film but we could not see more of her on Punjabi screens.

We wanted to ask the actress that why didn’t she do any more Punjabi movies, or was she not offered more roles..also what keeps her busy these days and here's what she had to quote:

Poppy honestly told us that no one actually from the Punjabi industry approached her after Mera Mahi NRI. She expected that there would be roles offered but she was disappointed that none came her way. She also said that Punjabi film makers have fixed formulas. The makers often want to play safe and cast the actresses who have given hits, or have been seen before in movies. Also, the makers focus on the main lead actor’s casting much more the actress' . This is one major reason that they haven’t turned towards her.

What keeps you busy? What are the recent projects that you are working on?

Recently one of my TV commercials got released. It was for the international brand Emirates. It was their first ever advertisement for the Indian market.

I was also busy in January, shooting for Pro Wrestling League, which is the biggest wrestling league in the world and will be aired on Sony Channel.

After that I am jam-packed with my shooting schedule for a web-film. In the web- film I would be driving across 12 countries and the journey starts from Delhi. It is a show based on a Road trip and is a very exciting story. much already that she anyhow doesn't really have time for Pollywood eh!

Anyhow, we wish to see Poppy again in Punjabi film industry and also, we are very excited for the web-film.

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