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Interview: Zora Randhawa Talks About His Upcoming Projects & His 'Woofer' Experience

By: Prakriti | December 13, 2017

Zora Randhawa, who has given us good foot tapping numbers, had disappeared from the main frame for quite some time but now he's back and crooning some good party songs. With his collab 'Woofer' he made a comeback with a bang!

Talking to Zora  Randhawa about his latest union with a great artist line up under the label Being U Music, we found out some exclusive details. Read on..

What made you work with Being U Music?

The new label has a lot of transparency in their terms of work. I would love to mention that their vision to see the potential young talent is way ahead of time. They are creative young minds who enthusiastically motivate the young talent to follow their passion and offer their best to the world. Also, the aim of bringing Punjabi language to international level is something which makes me even more connected to the team. The team is working for it and so am I and together, we will make our Punjabi music global.

They are creatively passion driven people and it is a pleasure working with such a team.

After making your acting debut with Humble Motion’s Ardaas, why haven’t we seen you acting again?

After Ardaas, there was no script that could excite me enough.. My role in Ardaas was very different and challenging. I really had to work hard for that role and as a result many appreciated my performance. I want to do something challenging yet again if I step into acting.

Honestly, I have been offered fewer roles but I am looking for something that can excite me, some out of the box character which would bring out the best in me.

How was your experience working with Dr. Zeus on Woofer?

I have been a great fan of Dr. Zeus ever since. I used to buy all his CDs and frankly, he's been my mentor. I simply love his music. I do remember the time when I met him for the first time. I was for a recording in UK. When he said yes to work with me, I was more than was like a dream come true as I had always wanted to work with him.

Woofer experience, I think, is one of the biggest and most unforgettable experiences of my life. We have been working on this track for the last two years and finally it got released and became a smasher.

How was your singing experience with Snoop Dogg?

Actually, Dr. Zeus himself is a great fan of Snoop Dogg since his college days, and he said to me let’s meet Snoop Dogg and we made some phone calls right away. That’s how the whole thing started. It was an amazing experience all together. I feel I’m the luckiest one to have worked with ‘Snoop Dogg’ who is my mentor’s ideal. Doing my 8th song from his first new album that is being released after a good 8 years, I think I am blessed!

How was it to work with Nargis Fakri?

It was good, we had a good time in LA while recording Nargis. She is a very talented artist, I must say.  She did a good job and didn’t take too long for recording . She sounds really good and it was a quick recording session with her.  She looked and sounded really well in the song.

We wish Zora all the best for his future projects and we hope that he gets his preferred Punjabi movie characters soon! 

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