Superb! Worldwide Box Office Figures Of Manje Bistre Are Simply Unbelievable

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Manje Bistre has finally set the bar high for all Punjabi films in times to come and till date has emerged as the biggest box office gainer. Released on 14th April 2017, this Punjabi film has already gathered a humongous amount at the box office and the figures are soaring with each passing day!

The latest overseas reports are as below:

Box office collection in India amounts to 7.02 Cr

The grand total till date stands at a freaking 15.30 Cr!

These figures are incredible and even the biggest of films in the history of Punjabi cinema have been given an easy sweep. “Figures are never a priority when I do films but I do confess that when I used to end up doing films with lesser box office turnouts ta loki mainu puchde si that have you taken a good decision or a bad one. All I ended up saying was that it is content which works. Today Manje Bistre has proved yet again that content is king and the figures that Manje Bistre has gathered is astonishing even for me. I had never expected that even Punjabi films would see such huge figures at the box office,” said Gippy Grewal.

(Gippy Grewal’s Manje Bistre Creates History By Being The Biggest Punjabi Film Ever!)

He further added that Ardaas was a blockbuster last year but it was of a different genre, “I’ve been getting messages, blessings, reviews and so much more in the form of love from people and even the biggest critics of Bollywood are calling me time and again to confess that they are triple checking Manje Bistre’s box office figures which, according to them, are simply unbelievable for a Punjabi film. The business overseas is way too much than expected and the bigger films in hit category till date have done way lesser business than Manje Bistre’s 3 day collection. So I would say that audience love, feedback and liking holds a higher priority than anything else.”

The film has surpassed the collections of many recently released Hindi films and for Punjabi films it has surpassed Diljit Dosanjh’s Sardaarji and it’s sequel, Channo and his own earlier offering Ardaas. “Till today I never did a film on the basis of its capability to do business. I prefer to choose a film from my heart. All the films I’ve done till now are those which are experimental. Ardaas was one such example which I never thought would do such a good business but the turnout was astounding. If you take Manje Bistre as an example, this film is based in the 90s and is an easy flowing family entertainer. There are no loose punches or dramatic sequences in the film, or any typical formula to become a blockbuster. Therefore, we never predicted that the film would be such a big hit,” he explained.

“Carry On Jatta was also one of those films that had unexpected turnouts and we saw people flooding the theatres. In future also whichever projects I make, my expectations from the content will be higher than it’s box office figures. But I assure my audiences that my projects shall always be about varied subjects and I shall continue experimenting with my films. I am truly and humbly very thankful to each and everyone out there for the immense love they’ve showered on Manje Bistre,” Gippy humbly signed off.

Gippy will soon be seen in the Smeep Kang directorial ‘Nee Tu Jatt Di Pasand‘ which was shot in Fiji.

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