Agitated Harbhajan Mann Lashes Out In Anger While On Stage!

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Harbhajan Mann is not an artist who seeks unwanted publicity and his track record says it all. He has never been into any unwanted fights or controversies but here’s a video which shows the angry side of him and trust me, by the kind of man he is, I am sure that the audience member must have blurted out something really stupid for him to react in such a way, while on stage.

Take a look at the video:

With the recent stone pelting at Kaur B, this video didn’t come as a surprise. In my opinion, the culture of alcohol mixed with entertainment is surely a bad combo which results in such actions which get back lashed by the most decent of people, no matter be it a celebrity or not.

By the way when he was questioned about his relationship with a specific political party, here’s what he had to say!

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