Mandy Takhar Back On Screen With Her New Film – Rab Da Radio!

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We’ve missed her cute smile and well this news came is as a very pleasant one for us and off course for all the Mandy Takhar fans.

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Ms. Takhar is in Punjab and will be shooting here for her next film which is titled Rab Da Radio (interesting haina!)

Hinting at the film’s subject, Mandy posted her pictures on social media.

Check her out:

rab da radio

She Tweeted, “Finally! The set of my next film almost ready! familiarising myself with my new home for the next 30 days😊

Directed by Tanveer Jagpal, this movie will mark the debut of Punjabi lyricist turned singer Tarsem Jassar. Also seen in the film will be Simi Chahal (Bambukat fame) and Raj Jhinjer (Sikander fame).

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Set in the rural background of Punjab, Rab Da Radio presumably is a musical film showcasing contrasting lifestyles.

rab da radio

Mandy Tweeted : “About to learn to spin! #Didyouknow the #charkha supplemented the agriculture of villagers and gave it dignity. #rabdaradio #prepwork”

The team will be shooting in Punjab for 30 days.



  1. Manjitinder singh

    April 16, 2017 at 8:39 AM

    Watched Rab da Radio today. I had the perception of contemporary punjabi cinema as that with an overdose of entertainment or comedy, to be precise.( no denying that there is a sort of parallel punjabi cinema too that works on meaning full subjects ). But the current flood of retro scopic punjabi movies is quite amazing and refreshing . Bambookat,Angrez,Manje Bistre, rab da Radio and coming ones Lahoria and Asli Punjab come under this category. Coming back to RdR, full marks to the director ,actors and the whole team. Full attention is paid on the minute details like location,ambience,attire and other paraphernalia like small household objects,tents,furniture etc. which existed in punjab decades ago and are almost extinct now.understandably it is always hard to reconstruct scenes of past with perfection but that was very near in this case.the actors whome I don’t know except madam rishi have done exceptionally well. Apart from a message full story the pleasant effect of the movie is that it can be called a light and sound program for present generation to have a glimpse into the socio economic lifestyle of rural punjab of 70-80’s.

    • Amritpal S Rai

      April 17, 2017 at 9:45 AM

      Yes i agree very nice movie.very close to reality.

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