“People Have Warmly Accepted Me As A Singer And It Is Overwhelming” : Harish Verma

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Harish Verma is back with his single ‘Yaar Ve’ and this one again is a smasher. After gathering a lot of appreciation for his debut track ‘Ik Vaari Hor Soch Le’, Harish has now proved to the industry that an actor can also be a successful singer and he has not just transformed into one, but has done justice to this side of him as well.

(Do You Know: Harish Verma Was Once Avatar Singh In A TV Serial!)

We fell in love with ‘Yaar Ve’ the moment we heard it and that’s when we contacted Harish to seek answers to a few of our questions. This humble actor turned singer was more than happy to give a warm response and that’s when we started our little interview.

Before you read further, take a look at his freshly released track ‘Yaar Ve’ and don’t forget to see the huge number of YouTube views it has garnered so far:

Harish, who conceptualized the song ‘Yaar Ve’?

The song was conceptualised by it’s director Gaurav Rana, with a few inputs by me. We can call it a collective effort but basically the concept was designed by Gaurav, who is currently working on Crime Patrol in Mumbai. ‘Yaar Ve’ is his first Punjabi project as a director.

Why did you choose to sing a love song yet again, beside the fact that peppy songs are the ongoing trend?

I am more comfortable in singing these kind of songs and frankly speaking peppy isn’t even my forte. As a singer I feel I can do more justice to ‘Yaar Ve’ kinda songs and playing around with peppy songs would not be a good idea at this point of time. As a matter of fact, I won’t even be able to do justice to a bhangra song, at the moment.

‘Yaar Ve’ was supposed to be your debut song. Is that true?

Yes, that’s very much true and we had locked it with Jaani for my debut as a singer. But one night I received a WhatsApp audio at nearly 1:30 PM from Bpraak and it was the mukhda of ‘Ik Vaari Hor Soch Le’. The song appealed to me a lot more and I immediately said that I want to freeze it as my debut song. Even Anurag ji had the same opinion and thus ‘Ik Vaari Hor Soch Le’ happened. Because ‘Yaar Ve’ was already selected so we released it as my second single.

Why the same team BPraak and Jaani again? Why not another team?

(Smiles) My next is by Happy Raikoti!

I chose to work with Bpraak-Jaani duo because I feel that this team’s work has a tendency to connect immediately with today’s youth. They are very popular and I felt that this would add up to the commercial value of my project as well. And I am not hesitant to say that I was right and this association did benefit me. On the other hand I’d also like to say that I have a personal liking for such songs.

Is singing fetching you more exposure than acting??

As a singer yes!

Though I am more popular as an actor but I am happy that people have warmly accepted me as a singer and I am getting way more exposure through this newly selected profession. I had never thought that people will be so kind to me as a singer. I had basically started singing to fill up the gap between my films. I didn’t want to be out of sight so thought I’ll try my hand in singing but the kind of love I’ve got has made me more serious now as a singer and I already have started working on my next song.

What’s the best thing about singing?

Well, in films I am an actor only. The film is directed by someone else and promoted by someone else and my involvement in the complete thing is only as an actor.

In my songs, I have complete command over the project. I have the advantage of getting involved fully and trashing the ideas that are not appealing to me. So that’s the best part about this profession.

Why Simran Hundal yet again?

Actually me and Simran Hundal have been together since Laado serial and I’m all praises for her natural emotions besides the fact that we shot amidst chilling January winters at Shimla and Kasauli.

Both the girls have done a great job even though they were wearing sleeveless dresses and I salute them for emoting so well. I still wore winter clothing but the girls..hats off to them!

Tell us about something special that happened during the filming of ‘Yaar Ve’.

Not sure about special but yeah there’s this incidence that happened due to which the shoot got extended for a full day!

We were to finish the shoot of ‘Yaar Ve’ in 2 days but unfortunately the generator wire that ran through the jungle got eaten up by a wild animal. We had to send someone to fetch a new one all the way from Chandigarh and that extended the shoot for a full day, and we had to bear the extra cost of production for one whole day!

All said and done, I really wish to thank each one of those who have heard my songs and have loved my work ever since. I am constantly striving to deliver the best of songs to you but for now ‘Yaar Ve’ is something that you got to listen to, if you still haven’t. 🙂



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