“My Casting Couch Experience Was Horrifying!” – Sara Gurpal

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You’ve seen her in numerous Punjabi music videos and she has also released her single track but her film debut with Manje Bistre is something that she can’t stop raving about.

We are talking about the stunning Sara Gurpal

Sara has been in the Punjabi industry for long but all that we could see her doing was Punjabi music videos. She did turn a singer for a track but call it dearth of work or something else, this popular Punjabi model also took a break for a year before returning to the main frame. Now that she is stepping into Punjabi movies with Humble Motion Pictures’ Manje Bistre, we caught up with her and she told us about her role, how she bagged this offer and her struggles from being a model to a singer and then finally an actor.

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Psst: She also opened up about her casting couch experience!

Sara, share with us an insight about your role in your debut movie Manje Bistre

I am playing the role of “Bholi” who is Gippy’s sister in the movie. It is my wedding that is being celebrated in the movie and Sonam is my best friend in the movie. Bholi is a docile village girl unaware of many things. You’d be enjoying the 4 day trip of my wedding in Manje Bistre.

Are you doing anymore movies after this?

I have signed another one with the another production house. Rest I have no other projects in hand. I believe when producers and directors will see my work in Manje Bistre they will approach me then.

What took you so long to come into movies when you were one of the top models in Punjabi industry?

It’s been a struggle to enter this industry. Not everyone thinks that you are an actress, they just see you as a pretty face for their project. I did grab a lot of work in Punjabi videos but that turned to be a bane for me in some time because the producers wanted a fresh face and I was in nearly all the videos. That’s when we talent got neglected for a fresh face in a Punjabi video.

You were at a gap of one year. Why?

It was a phase when I took a break and focused on what next. I met people, thought of things signed my projects carefully and was not in a hurry to do just anything. I am relaxed and happy in whatever I do. Just because there is dearth of work in the industry doesn’t mean that I’ll do whatever comes my way.  I am choosy and selective in my work.

Do you think taking a break for a year was a good idea? Industry soon finds replacements!

I took a break because I wanted to. But when I came back it was with a bang. I think I have covered the gap in just 3 months after my come back. Having good songs and movies in my hand is good enough.

Modeling-Music- Movies, why one transformation to another and how was the journey like?

The transformation was because I wanted to do something new and challenging. Music has been my passion and before entering that line I practiced for hours together. Once everyone in the industry stereotyped me as “just a pretty face” I wanted to break that shackle and tell them that there is an actor behind this so called pretty face.

It has been very challenging though. Not everyone accepts a girl to be so versatile. After being successful in modeling, the leap of releasing my single track was tough. Only a few people had faith in me but I kept working hard. Now, when I planned to enter movies the most common thing I used to hear was that my face is too common onscreen and they were looking for a fresh face. Not realizing that I did so many videos because I was talented enough to get so much work. Talent is really not valued in this industry!

Talking about struggles, have you ever faced casting couch during this phase?

Yes, it was a horrifying experince. It left me stunned. Couple of years back on my birthday, I had a meeting with a well known director of Punjabi cinema. He has been giving some great movies. I was excited as he approached me for a project. We met at CCD and we had a talk about a movie. When things seemed to be taken a positive shape he blurted out the real thing, the compromise part.

He literally named all the actresses who were a part of this dirty business!

I was astounded by how openly he was talking about the compromise part. I left the meeting and came back home. For days together I couldn’t believe that it was real.

What next Sara ?

Now that I have entered Punjabi movies I want to do well here. Once I am established here I would love to go to Bollywood and make Punjabis  proud.


  1. Tushar kumar

    April 17, 2017 at 1:58 PM

    You guys post whatever fucking they would tell you. I am her husband she took a gal to get a greencard once she got it she came back and forgot about her married life. You guys need to expose people like her rather make them feels star.

    • Santi

      April 19, 2017 at 8:20 AM

      Seriously? I thought she was married. Are there any pictures as evidence though?

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