Here’s The Other Side Of The Bobby Bajaj Molestation Case!

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“I was being extorted for the last 6 years”, says Producer Rajinder Bajaj aka Bobby Bajaj!

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Apparently the producer-actress duo have been more than just friends and for many years he’s been taking care of the actress’s kharcha paani as well, so much so that even her family used to get funded by Bobby.

Wondering ke actress hai kaun?

Remember the girl opposite Sippy Gill in Tiger??

According to Bajaj’s lawyer, a bond of Rs.20,000 has been slapped against Bobby after settling which he’s been granted bail. He’s not behind the bars.

An FIR copy, exclusively available with Ghaintpunjab clearly states that the actress was in Dubai holidaying and on returning filed a complaint against the producer. She alleged that he molested her and thrashed her so badly that she was admitted to ICU. But her medico-legal reports are completely contradictory!

This one shows that she has been kicked and punched but not so much so that she had to be taken to ICU for treatment. This report shows causalities suffered by the actress.

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Here are the proofs that the actress was in Dubai with her friends Vazir Rojani, Faruk Memon and Ramesh Usha Soni.

Evident from the documents, the actress flied off to Dubai on 29th December and Returned on 3rd January. Point to be noted here is that the actress alleged molestation on 29th December and the FIR got registered on 4th Jan, after she returned from her holiday.

According to sources, the actress invited Bobby to her residence in Mumbai for dinner but the duo got into an argument regarding finances and therefor the whole case!

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