Babbu Maan’s Car Gets Stolen. Here’s His Appeal To The Thief!

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Babbu Maan was recently in news for his ill-health but now there’s another reason that’s got him upset.

Maan’s white Maruti 800, No. DL2C1674, got stolen and that too from outside his office!

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He shared this news on his social media and even appealed to the thief that this car holds a special place in his life. He also wrote that the car’s market value is way lesser than it’s emotional value and if the thief is reading the status at the moment then Babbu is ready to offer him 50,000 for the car.

Maan wrote,”Ssa bhai veer saareyan nu
Dukhd gal a eh a ki saade daftr ton bahr ek saadi purani gaddi white Maruti 800 DL2C 1674,
Kal baad duphere 3 – 4 chor ikathe hoke chaabi lwa ke chori krlegye…odi keemat bhuti zyada ni milni 10 hzaar ya 12 hzaar e milni a, chor bhai tu car waaps krja saade ton 50 hzaar leja kyon ke os car naal saade bhut jazbaat jude hoye a, bhut purani car a saade Pita ji v chalaunde rahe a, assi v chalaunde rahe a..
Benti a koi v fan ya chaaun wala choran da khura khoj dasuga assi 51 hazaar inaam daunge… car baare jankari mile tan saanu 9815122888 es number te ya daftr aake de deo te apna inaam lao ji…Mr chor je padh reha tan assi onnu v kehnde a gaadi de jwe waaps te pesse le jwe

This Maruti was actually driven by Babbu Maan’s father and also by himself. It holds a sentimental value and therefore Maan has appealed that if anyone finds out about the whereabouts of his car then he/she should immediately contact them at 9815122888 or they’re invited to drop into Maan’s office. He is also ready to offer them a reward for genuine information.

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