“Vibes Are Important For Me” – Punjabi Film Producer Amiek Virk

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Amiek Virk is one of those few lucky first timers whose Punjabi film got his destiny gleaming.

Undeniably handsome and a sensible man, Amiek is the new producer of Punjabi cinema who’s debut production Bambukat won him quite many praises. Producing a movie was his dream but being from a non-filmy background, this young gun worked hard to earn his own money and when he invested it, the results were seen by the world. 

Here’s our little chit-chat with Amiek Virk whom we asked about his mantra of success and his journey from being a newbie to one of the most successful producers of P-town:

Did you ever think that Bambukat would be such a hit?

I had complete faith in the team I was working with but I never knew that the movie would be such a hit amongst the critics as well as the audiences. It feels great!

Pre-production of Bambukat till now, what all has changed in you as a professional?

It’s a great change. Earlier I didn’t know the nitty gritties of the industry for example, how to make money, how many screens for filming and many other things, which only a seasoned producer would know.

It’s too early to call myself a seasoned producer but I have definitely learnt a lot after entering this industry.

What did you do before being a producer? Is you family supportive about your latest profession?

Oh, I was into real estate. The story goes like – my family never thought about me being in the film line because they weren’t confident about me entering into this industry. They thought that I would end up losing money. But I always had a dream of making a movie.

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I worked in real estate for almost 5 years and earned my own money. Today I am a producer and making much more out of it.

You are pretty good looking yourself. Have you any plans of acting?

Definitely not. I am a person who loves waking up late. I can’t wake up at 5’o clock and be ready on the set.

Being a producer I work and also chill on the set. I have the leverage of playing cards and cricket in between, but if I become an actor I have to work and really work hard all day.

What’s your mantra of success?

I trust my instincts and the team that I work with. If the project emits good vibes then I surely invest in it. Vibes are important for me. The team is like a family and working hard together for a common motive will surely make any project a success.

How did you end up investing in Lahoriye? What are your expectations from this movie?

Amrinder Gill and Karaj Gill are my brothers. We trust each other blindly. When Karaj told me about Lahoriye, the very first reaction was, “surely bhaji.”

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Lahoriye has garnered great response after the trailer release and I am very positive about the project. I am sure the efforts of our team will be appreciated in the movie.

Expecting it to be a hit..but rest is in the hands of audience.

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