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Pollywood's Love For Foreign Destinations, Subsidies & Scams!

By: Gurwinder | October 17, 2019

Just last week, a new movie Sehar went on the floor in Hungary. We did tell you that last year some delegates of the Indian film industry, including the Punjabi film industry, went to attend a meeting regarding film shootings in Hungary. We got to know that there is also a subsidy scheme involved in it. So a week after Sehar, another Punjabi film has been just announced and its shooting will also take place in Hungary.

Looking at how quickly and suddenly Punjabi filmmakers have found a connection of their scripts to this new foreign land, which was earlier never in their wish list, we assume there will be few more films which will be shot in Budapest and Hungary in the coming days. We hope only genuine producers will follow this route.

Last time Mauritius turned out to be one favourite destination for our Punjabi filmmakers. But strangely, in spite of a good subsidy scheme in Mauritius, no Punjabi film shootings have taken place there in the last two years.

Want To Know Why? Read Ahead

Some filmmakers decided to utilize the subsidy scheme in Mauritius, while few decided to exploit it with the help of local authorities. According to the rule, a certain percentage from the cost of production is given back as a refund. For example, if the shooting cost reaches somewhere near one crore, the makers can get a refund of around 30 lacs. But some filmmakers took it to the next level!

They inflated the production cost and received big refund amounts, at times, even more than the investment. Especially films that performed poorly at the box office made profits with this practice. (Unethically!)

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But soon the government smelled the rat and a film production team was blacklisted. Event their production bills went under investigation. That incident put an end to Punjabi filmmakers' love for Mauritius.

Now, they've found a new love with Hungary and we hope that they won't get extra hungry for subsidy and will instead, concentrate more on their film's content.Though it is a European country so one will think twice before indulging in something of that sort.

It has come to light that someone from our industry has even attempted this in the UK (which is very strict on such frauds), but somehow they got away with it.


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