10 Reasons Why Punjabis Want To Own An Apple iPhone

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A true Punjabi is so much more than being loud and fun loving. From the obsessiveness over food and alcohol to poking their nose in lives of each and every member of their extended families, a Punjabi has a huge heart, which is full of love and is ever giving. You can take a Punjabi out of his environment, but never his Punjabiyat, no matter where in the world he is. With so much bling required in their life, it is impossible to not imagine the need of an iPhone!

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Let us closely examine what really are those key motivators which make a Punjabi the proud owner of an Apple iPhone:

i) Have it, flaunt it

The unsaid universal rule which is in the blood of every Punjabi is to flaunt the money that he has. According to them, money is not to rust in your bank accounts. It must be spent on the costliest jewellery, swankiest bikes and cars, heavily embellished clothes and the big fat Punjabi weddings to name a few. Likewise, Vddi Gaddi hovey ta sasta phone?? Naaaa Apple nahi ta baiji gal ji nhi bndi! 

ii) Good looks

Punjabis are born with the most amazing looks and personalities – be it the innocent looking pretty kudiyan (gals) or the macho munde (guys). To match these standards, everything must be one of its-kind. The answer to the worthy mobile that can complement a Punjabi is undoubtedly an iPhone!

iii) Loud, louder and loudest

Whenever a Punjabi talks, you can know it from a distance and of course, a Punjabi cannot even hear properly when the sound is in low decibels. The best sounds of an iPhone solve this issue through its speakers. Don’t get too close or chaped pe jaani!

iv) Party animals

No party can match up to the liveliest experience of a Punjabi party. It has to have the best of chicken and booze served in most flashy manner accompanied with deafening music. With the Punjabi kids today, the iPhone attached to big woofers solves the purpose.

v) Stay connected

The Punjabis cannot survive in isolation. They must stay constantly connected with their cousins, uncles and aunts and the cousins of their cousins and their friends and the cousins of their friends and the friends of their cousins and of course, to their own social circle. The social media and Internet is therefore, a necessity. An iPhone is the best gadget for staying connected.

vi) Endless memories

The Punjabis believe in creating everlasting and continuous memories. There is never a dull weekend in the life of a Punjabi family. One or another known or distant cousin or a family acquaintance will always be visiting and when they meet, it’s a party that must be shared with everyone through the chirpy videos and infinite pictures. Can there be a better gadget to click and share the pictures and videos than an iPhone?

vii) Long drive

What does a Punjabi do when he’s not partying? He goes for a long drive with friends and family in tow. The destination can be known or unknown and when a Punjabi is lost in an unknown location, the easiest way to navigate is to find the right path using the GPRS of one’s iPhone.

viii) Strict no – no to ‘long time no see’

The Punjabis do not believe in the fact that you cannot see each other for long intervals. They must be together and meet at very frequent intervals. In case they cannot do so, then face time helps, especially to connect with your extended families in Canada or UK.

ix) Social gaming


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Punjabis eat together, drink together and even play together. The numerous applications and social gaming features of an iPhone are perfect to maintain that connection.

x) Last but not the least – Punjabiya di battery charge rehndi hai (Punjabis are always full of life)

With so much to-do on the go and all the time, the mobile phone should never ever be discharges. The battery of an iPhone is match made-in-heaven to its Punjabi owner.

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